Pony Club E-News
Jan. 7, 2014

DCDigest Not Just For DCs Anymore: How to Join and Who Should Join
All club officers AND center administrators are welcome to join the DCDigest. The DCDigest is a one-list that allows questions and idea sharing from across the country. To join, first log onto www.yahoogroups.com. Users new to Yahoo Groups will first need to register with Yahoo by requesting a User ID and password. Next, search for the digest by typing in DCDigest with no spaces or punctuation. Finally, a request for membership of the Digest must be made – be sure to include your club or center name and your position. Once a moderator has approved the membership, the process is complete. Users must register themselves in order to have access to their own accounts, which will allow individuals to make changes to their own settings.

If you are a DC, Joint DC, another club officer or a CA or ACA in the USPC, please subscribe. Be sure to also notify other new officers of this opportunity. If none of your officers are on-line, it may be necessary for your club or center to designate a sponsor or parent to join. Many important updates are first shared on the DCDigest as well as important membership and deadline reminders. The DCDigest remains one of the best ways to ensure that every club, center and their members are aware of all that USPC has to offer. New members will even gain access to archived messages, so previously asked questions may be referenced as well.

This list is currently moderated by Karol Wilson, USPC Director of Member Services and Regional Administration, and is monitored by most National Committee Chairpersons.More

RSDigest: For Regional Officers Only
All RSs and VRSs should join the RSDigest. Other Regional Officers will also find it a useful tool and resource and are welcome. To join, go to this link - http://groups.yahoo.com/group/rsdigest. Users new to Yahoo groups will first need to register by requesting a User ID and password. If you are already a member of Yahoo groups, you will be able to submit a request to "join this group." Please follow the instructions to submit your request and adjust your account settings.

Now, For Treasurers – the USPC Treasurer Digest

The USPC Treasurers Digest is an email group for club AND regional treasurers to ask questions and share information. In addition, many important announcements and reminders are shared by the National Office on this digest. Be sure that you or another club officer or volunteer is signed up to receive this digest!

To join, go to this link
- http://groups.yahoo.com/group/uspctreasurerdigest.

Users new to Yahoo! will first need to register by setting up a UserID and Password with Yahoo! Please follow the instructions to submit your request and adjust your account settings. More

Out With the Old Saddle, In With the New!
Ready to start the New Year with something, well...NEW? Whether it be that used saddle that’s collecting dust in the barn, or even that beloved pony that you’ve outgrown, consider an ad in the Pony Club Classifieds. People who read the Pony Club Classifieds are actively interested in ponies and horses, used tack, and even equine properties for sale. Check it out at www.ponyclub.org. In the News & Media drop down menu, select Classifieds. FAQs, rates, and signup sheets are all there.More

Join Us
D-1 to C-2 Lower Level Examiner education on Friday, Jan. 24 at the Annual Meeting. We will be reviewing and standardizing the lower level certification for examiners. This is part of an ongoing lower level training process. This will be held after the RIC meeting so all RIC’s and other interested members/leaders who conduct lower level tests are ready for the 2014 year.More

Rolex 2014
Once again USPC is pleased to announce that the Rolex organizing group Equestrian Events, Inc. (EEI), has donated two 4-Day general admission passes for this year's Rolex competition to each USPC Region that requests them. Note: these general admission tickets do not include grandstand seating. To claim these tickets for your region, contact Wayne Quarles at activities@ponyclub.org by March 15 with your request plus a request for any additional tickets your region may desire. To read more about Rolex, its sponsors, this year’s entrants or to purchase grandstand seating or additional tickets go to http://www.rk3de.org/More

What is Festival?
Festival is a week-long celebration of Pony Club that brings together more than 4,000 Pony Club members and family members from across the country. Its purpose is to provide a National Championships competition combined with a unique educational learning experience.More

Woman Dedicates Life, Work to Miniature Horses
The Altoona Mirror
A Loretto, Pa., senior was 36 years old and had seven children before she started her love affair with raising miniature horses. Genny Biter, who has lived in Loretto for some 40 years with her husband Dan on their six-acre farm, fondly looked at the enlargement of the farm. More

Cuddly Farm Animals Brighten Lives of Special-Needs Kids
San Jose Mercury News
Vicki Amon-Higa is entertaining guests in a Gilroy, Calif., barnyard filled with three miniature horses, two feisty alpacas, one moody donkey and an irritable pig, showing off what might be the world's most innovative philanthropy, or its most unusual petting zoo. More

What is USPC Festival?
Festival is a week-long celebration of Pony Club that brings together more than 4000 Pony Club members and family members from across the country. Its purpose is to provide a National Championships competition combined with a unique educational learning experience. More

Winter Care of the Horse
One of the best ways to help your equine companion deal with cold temperatures is to increase the grain portion of his diet by 25 percent just before cold weather sets in. As temperatures drop a horse must spend more energy to keep warm. Do not increase his grain if he is already overweight and continue to monitor his weight and make further adjustments accordingly. Remember to regularly deworm your horse to insure he is getting the most from his feed.More

Taking Care of Your Horse During its Golden Years
Cochrane Eagle
Kathleen Winfield writes, "Winter is upon us and our senior horses may need some extra TLC to successfully handle the many conditions that winter brings. Are you prepared to help your equine senior citizen? So what is a senior horse? Some equine literature defines senior as any horse over 15 years of age, but I know lots of horses older than 15 that are very active, healthy and competitive in their respective sports."More

Life After Racing: Retired Horses Find a Home in Kentucky
The Courier-Journal
Michael Blowen has a stock answer when someone suggests he has too many horses. "I don't think we do," he tells them. "I think we have too few." Blowen, founder of the nonprofit Old Friends equine retirement facility near Georgetown, Ky., said he hears two or three times a day from people looking to find a home for a horse after its racing career is over — and he cannot accommodate them all.More

Rescued Horses Nursed Back to Help With Love, Care and Healthy Doses of 'Harry Potter'
The Associated Press via The Oregonian
Serowna's been catching up on 'Harry Potter,' Lisa and Kassy have been chowing down, and Needa has been making friends. The four horses — seized along with 35 others from a Graham, Ore., farm more than a year ago — are much better off now, Pierce County animal control officers said recently. No more hard times — just lots of love.More

Horsing Around With Some Friends
Merced Sun-Star
A black draft horse named Merlin gently nickers in Kim Elliott’s ear as a mustang named Duke noses up to her treat bag. As Duke’s “guardian angel” at the UC Davis Equestrian Center, Elliott doles out carrots like candy at a parade. Once a week, she dotes over the 18-year-old retired lesson horse, taking him out to graze at his favorite grassy field and brushing his wooly winter coat. The program is designed to give the center’s horses some time off from riding while both partners benefit from the horse and human bond. More

Horses Require Extra Attention When Temperatures Plummet
The Source
The season has brought freezing weather to many parts of the country, and with that comes the need for extra care and attention for horses, donkeys, ponies, mules, and any other outdoor animals. As the temperatures decrease, a horse's feed requirements increase. Allowing horses free choice to good quality forage (hay) is the surest way to ensure that they consume enough energy, and the process of digesting forage will actually produce heat. More

Equine Rehabilitation and Conditioning Facility is 1st of its Kind in Montana Region
The Billings Gazette
Deanna Hovland was devastated when her horse Rosie badly injured her leg several months ago. But if Rosie had to suffer such a debilitating injury, she couldn't have timed it better. Within weeks of the horse's accident, Keyser Creek Arena north of Columbus, Mont., opened its Equine Rehabilitation and Conditioning Center. More

Could Stress Cause Gastric Ulcers in Performance Horses?
The Horse
It has long been recognized that the majority of thoroughbreds in race training are affected by gastric ulcers; however, less is known about the prevalence of equine gastric ulcer syndrome (EGUS) in sport and pleasure horses. Recent studies from the United States and Europe, including research performed on Swiss endurance and eventing team horses, revealed that lesions in the gastric mucosa are far more common in nonracehorses than previously assumed. More