Pony Club E-News
Feb. 4, 2014

Thank You Oregon Region
A special "Thank You" to Denise Polacek, Dawnn Rebholz and all 15 of the Oregon Region’s Clubs, for all their hard work to coordinate a very successful and educational 2014 Annual Meeting.

Results, Photos and Recaps will be available on the Pony Club Blog and in the next issue of Pony Club News.

Thanks also to all our Sponsors (click here)More

2014 USPC Annual Directory
To receive a hard copy of the 2014 USPC Annual Directory members will need to pre-purchase a paper version. All members will receive a digital version of the document and will have access to the digital version on the USPC website but to have a full paper copy it will need to be purchased. 2014 Annual Directories are available for $9.99 and will come as 8.5”x 5.5” loose leaf 3 hole punched paper.More

Congratulations to the Winners of the Brookfield Land Conservation Award
Nila Venkat of the Middle California Region, and members of the Woodbrook Hunt Pony Club in the Northwest Region. You can read both submissions on the USPC website.More

Out With the Old...In With the New
Ready to start the New Year with something, well...NEW? Whether it be that used saddle that's collecting dust in the barn, or even that beloved pony that you've outgrown, consider an ad in the Pony Club Classifieds. People who read the Pony Club Classifieds are actively interested in ponies and horses, used tack, and even equine properties for sale. Check it out here. In the "News & Media" drop down menu, select "Classifieds." FAQs, rates, and sign-up sheets are all there.More

Foxhunting Writing Contest
The annual Hildegard Neill Ritchie Writing contest is open to all D- or C-rated Pony Club members. The winning submission will receive a $200 cash prize to be spent on Foxhunting dues, hunt capping fees, Pony Club camp or anything related to these activities. Second Place: $100; Third Place $50. The winning entries will be published in USPC News and in The Chronicle of the Horse. The contest award is from a memorial fund established by friends of Mrs. Ritchie, who was a long-time Pony Club supporter and volunteer. She founded the Colorado Springs Pony Club in 1958 and was its District Commissioner for 30 years. She was Regional Supervisor of the Colorado (now Rocky Mountain) region for 12 years and hosted regional Pony Club camps on her ranch for 20 plus years. She served several terms as a USPC Governor and received the USPC Founders Award in 1989. For full details, click here.More

Rolex Activities and Free Tickets
Once again USPC is pleased to announce that the Rolex organizing group, Equestrian Events, Inc. (EEI), has donated two 4-Day general admission passes for this year's Rolex competition to each USPC Region that requests them. Note: these general admission tickets do not include grandstand seating. To claim these tickets for your region, contact Wayne Quarles by March 15 with your request plus a request for any additional tickets your region may desire.More

Annual Discipline Newsletters
Be sure to watch for the Annual Discipline Newsletters, which will be posted on the website shortly. More

Deadline Approaching for the Live Oak Hounds Challenge
The Live Oak Hounds Challenge is a way to encourage clubs and their members to become involved in the sport of Foxhunting. Clubs who get the most members who have not hunted before, or have hunted on a limited basis, to participate in three or more hunts during the season are awarded cash prizes. Click here to access full details on the Challenge. The Award period will run June 1-April 9, and the Award winners will be announced by May 1. Certificates must be postmarked by April 10.More

Festival Education 2014
The following UNMOUNTED Instruction topics are planned for Festival 2014: Lower Level Standards and Certification Clinic, H-A Prep, H-B Certification, Master Clinic with Lendon Grey, Sports Psychology, Trailering 101, Equine Drugs, Vaulting, Polo, D level Nutrition, HB Conditioning Schedules, Farrier, Tai Chi, Vet Box, Polo Crosse, Saddle Fitting, Horse Massage, Holistic/Acupuncture/Herbs, Mechanics of Dressage, Rehab/Recovery, Understanding Metabolic Syndrome in the Horse, Feeding the Metabolic Horse, Grooming the Upper Level Horse, Bits, Horse Management D and C Level, Parasites, Forages and Hays.

MOUNTED Instruction will be two days only, July 20 and 21. The disciplines available to choose from are: Cross Country, Dressage, Show Jumping, Western, Polocrosse, Distance Riding, and Horsemanship/Ground Training.

D Camp during Festival Education: This camp is designed for the Pony Club youth member up to the D-2 Level. They will ride twice a day and get to experience group instruction taught by a few of our very successful Graduate A Pony Club alumni. Besides riding they will have unmounted instruction in the barn and a chance to experience taking care of their pony while at the Kentucky Horse Park.

Plan to come and learn and be part of Festival Education as a Pony Club family, July 19-21. More

Pony Club and Triple Crown Nutrition Team Up to Give Away $100,000
Check out the Triple Crown Nutrition Facebook Page and see how you can submit an application to be eligible to win a $1,000 grant, compliments of Triple Crown Nutrition.

USPC has partnered with our Sponsor Triple Crown to support equine educational opportunities to Pony Club members as well as members of other partner equine organizations.

Sign-up now, and you might be one of the lucky recipients. This could be a great way to get some needed funds to attend Festival this summer. More

The Eleanor Brennan Memorial Fund
The Eleanor Brennan Memorial Fund was established to aid USPC in funding for Instructor Certification Programs for Pony Club Instructors and upper-level members. USPC will award grants up to $500 to applicants that qualify for this scholarship. Fill out the application with required recommendations to be considered for this scholarship. More

Florida Is a Retirement Spot for Horses, Too
The Associated Press via ABC
Whenever a horse arrives at Mill Creek Farm in Florida, Peter and Mary Gregory make the aging animal a promise to last the rest of its days. "We say you'll never be worked or ridden again," said Peter Gregory, director of the farm. "And you'll be here forever."More

Winter Care of the Horse
One of the best ways to help your equine companion deal with cold temperatures is to increase the grain portion of his diet by 25 percent just before cold weather sets in. As temperatures drop a horse must spend more energy to keep warm. More

Kennewick, Wash., Girl Vows to Get Back on Horse After Traumatic Brain Injury
Tears fill Emma McCord's eyes inside a stable on the outskirts of Kennwick as she is reminded of the limitations her traumatic brain injury has caused. The 12-year-old buries her face in her mother's armpit for a moment.More

New Scholarship Opportunity
As the leading equestrian facility in New England, the Green Mountain Horse Association is home to some of the top educational and competitive events in five different disciplines. This season GMHA is excited to provide a new scholarship opportunity to our Youth members (under 21) to support them in their endeavors to becoming better horsemen!

Scholarship applications are now being accepted and must be received by April 15. To be eligible one must be a member of GMHA (membership can be submitted with scholarship application), include last year’s proof of income (IRS document 1040 showing your adjusted gross income for 2013), two letters of recommendation, and a completed application. Visit our website for more information and to download the scholarship application or contact Megan Rosén, Office Manager or (802) 457-1509. More

Nutritional Notes
Question: The USPC Southwest Region asked “If one feeds a "Complete Feed" does one also need to feed a vitamin supplement?”

Click Read More for the answer! To submit a question of your own, visit Pony Club's Nutritional Notes page.More

Tutoring Tuesday's Archive
Did you miss a Tutoring Tuesday webinar? Don't fret! The webinars are recorded and available for viewed here. The recorded presentation is available as well as the Power Point Presentations. You will need to register with your name and email address to view the presentation. FAQs about webinars can be found here and any questions about webinars can be sent to webinar@ponyclub.org.

The schedule for upcoming webinars is available here.