Pony Club E-News
May. 20, 2014

Buy, sell, trade on the USPC Classifieds
Pass him on to an eager student with the Pony Club Classifieds. People who read the Pony Club Classifieds are actively interested in ponies and horses, used tack and even equine properties for sale. Check it out at www.ponyclub.org. In the News & Media drop down menu, select Classifieds. FAQs, rates and signup sheets are all there. Let someone new enjoy your pony as much as you have!More

Join the fun of Festival
It’s not too late to join in the fun! Help support all of the members who will be attending Festival this summer. More

Festival Education
Un-mounted topics

H-B/H-A Prep which is 99 percent hands-on activities, Lower Level Standards and Certification Clinic, Biomechanics Workshop, Masters Clinics with Lendon Gray and Spy Coast Farms, Sports Psychology, Trailering Problems, Trailering 101, Equine Drugs, Vaulting, Polo, D Level Nutrition and other topics, Vet Box, Tai Chi, Farrier topics, Polocrosse, Saddle Fitting, Horse Massage, Holistic/Acupuncture/Herbs, Mechanics of Dressage, Rehab/Recovery, Understanding Metabolic Syndrome, Feeding the Metabolic Horse, Vet Topics with local veterinarians, Grooming the Upper Level Horse, Bits with Gina Miles, Horse Management D and C Level topics, Parasites, Forages and Hay and more!

Almost all topics and workshops will be held in the air-conditioned Alltech Arena along with the Trade Fair!

Mounted Instruction will be two days only, July 20-21. Riding disciplines available to choose from are: cross country, dressage, show jumping, games, western, polocrosse, riding with an NE, distance riding and horsemanship/ground training. There will be one early morning foxhunt, make sure to sign up as that is an extra riding opportunity here in Kentucky!More

Thank you to all of the Sponsors who have already joined us for the upcoming 2014 Festival
Many of them, along with our Corporate Sponsors will be in our popular trade fair so you can stop by and say "thank you" in person!


Instruction updates
Thanks to our friends at FLAIR Equine Nasal Strips we are pleased to be able to offer a wonderful educational video “Physiological Challenges Faced by Equine Respiratory System.” This video was developed for the World Equestrian Games held in Lexington, Kentucky. It is located in the Tack Trunk for the H-B and H-A Level members. See more here.

New Dressage D-2 through C-2 Test Sheets are now available on the website.

The 2014 Horse Management Handbook and Rules for Rallies is available for download from the USPC web site or purchase from Shopponyclub.org.
You can purchase or download just the Competitor section (part 1) or the entire Handbook (parts 1-3) which includes the Judges/Organizer and Horse Management Organizer sections. Competitors are only required to have (part 1) for all rallies.

New D-1 –C-2 Examiner Handbook is available on the website. This handbook has been specifically designed to help all club/center level examiners in preparing for, working with the organizer and how to conduct a successful club/center level test. This handbook is also helpful for DC’s and CA’s in organizing and knowing how club/center level tests should be run. Check it out! More

New wording for D-1 through C-2 Re-test
Effective Jan. 1, the wording for D-1 through C-2 Retest is as follows:

A candidate may retest only if the candidate qualifies for a retest by passing the minimum number of sections stated on the test sheet and the original Examiner has recommended the candidate to retest. Those testing during the current year have until Aug. 31, of the following year to retest. Candidates must arrange for retests through their DC/CA.

You may notice that this wording now reflects what has been occurring at the Upper Level H-B and above.

We are in the process of changing this wording on all test sheets and all Standards of Proficiencies are updated as of 5/7/14 with the new Retest wording.

Chart of Learning: please look at this chart as it will help you and your members understand how to move through the Standards or tracks in Pony Club.More

Eventing Recognition awards
USPC Pony Club members will be recognized for their competition efforts both in USPC and USEA. USPC members will receive a certificate at the end of each year based on the criteria below. It will be the responsibility of the Pony Club member to get all the information together and send it to the National Office by November 15th each year.

Blue Ribbon Club - Completion of 1 USPC EVENTING Rally at the Beginner Novice Level or above and 1 USEA Horse Trial at the Beginner Novice Level or above.

Medallion Club - Completion of 1 USPC EVENTING Rally at the Novice Level or above and 1 USEA Horse Trial at the Novice Level or above.

Bronze Medal Club - Completion of 1 USPC EVENTING Rally at the Training Level or above and 1 USEA Horse Trial at the Training Level or above.

Silver Medal Club - Participation in one USPC EVENTING Rally (this can be in competition at any level or by being a volunteer for the rally) and completion of 1 USEA Horse Trial at the Preliminary Level or Preliminary Level 2-day event, CCN* or CCI*.

Gold Medal Club - Participation in one USPC EVENTING Rally (this can be in competition at any level or by being a volunteer for the rally) and completion of 1 USEA Horse Trial at the Intermediate or Advanced Level or an Intermediate 2-day event, CCN** or CCI** or above.

All competitions must be done during the current year. Interested Pony Club members should get their applications filled out by the appropriate individuals, and they can apply for more than one award each year. Click here for the application.

All applications must be submitted to the National Office by Nov. 15, of each year. Any questions should be directed to the Activities and Events Director, Wayne Quarles, or Activities and Events Coordinator, Erin Woodall. More

2013 Live Oak Foxhunting Challenge award winners
Congratulations to the following clubs and their members, as they participated in the USPC Foxhunting Challenge taking members from the ring to the field!

We would like to extend a very big Thank You to all of the Hunts who so graciously opened their doors to Pony Club members and their families and made their foxhunting experience so memorable.

The MFHJA website has lots of timely information about foxhunting that might be of interest to all Pony Club members.

The Live Oak Hounds USPC Foxhunting Challenge Award was made possible through the generous support of Mr. and Mrs. C. Martin Wood III, Jt. MFHs of the Live Oak Hounds.

Learn more about the Live Oaks Hounds USPC Foxhunting Challenge.More

Multiple teams possible at Championships
Dear RSs and Championship Coordinators,

As your Regions prepare to enter teams for Championships, please keep in mind that some disciplines/divisions may have space available for Regions to send second or possibly even third teams. Unfortunately, we will not know which disciplines/divisions will have this opportunity until all first teams’ entries have been received. While we will not know how many additional teams can be accepted until after the closing date, all regions can help by submitting first team entries as soon as possible.

As we know, Regions are limited in financial assistance that they can provide to Championships teams, but additional qualified members can be offered the opportunity to compete at their own expense. Again, this will depend on space available for discipline/division.

We hope to see representatives from all of our Regions in Kentucky this year!

Wayne Quarles
USPC Activities and Events Director

Karol Wilson
USPC Director of Regional Administration
regionaladmin@ponyclub.org More

National level testing
Please remember that all National Level Testing applications are to be submitted online. Online applications and payment must be submitted and processed by the National Office by the applications deadline.

New for 2014: All application deadlines are 12 weeks prior to the test start date.

For more information on National Level testing please visit the website.

The 2014 test schedule can be found here.

You must be logged in to the USPC website in order to access the test schedule.

Please contact Elizabeth Smith, Instruction Coordinator, with any questions.More

Nutritional notes
What should my horse eat?

Do you have a question about your horse’s nutritional needs? Or are you studying for that next certification? You can ask the experts right here, and also review questions that other members have here.

Great Lakes Region Used Tack Sale — anyone can participate
Time to clean out your barn, tack trunks and bedroom! Sell saddles, riding clothes, tack, grooming tools and “horsey” items at the Used Tack Sale Booth in Kentucky!!
The Great Lakes Region will once again be hosting in the indoor arena!
Drop off anytime the booth is open — Starting Noon on July 14, at the beginning of Championships!

How to participate:

For more information contact Judi Pershing 734.755.2093 or judipershing@yahoo.com.

*This is a fundraiser for the Great Lakes Region and we will work hard to get the best deal for you! A fee of 10 percent for saddles and 20 percent for all other items will be charged at “cash out” along with sales tax. The kids of the GLR thank you for supporting pony club with your consignments and purchases.* More

Tutoring Tuesday's archived!
Did you miss a Tutoring Tuesday webinar? Don’t fret! The webinars are recorded and available for viewing here. The recorded presentation is available as well as the Power Point Presentations. You will need to register with your name and email address to view the presentation. FAQs about webinars can be found here, and any questions about webinars can be sent to webinar@ponyclub.org.

The schedule for upcoming webinars is available on the website.More

Dressage training exercises to calm your hot horse
The best Grand Prix dressage horses make the work look effortless. They can coil and release their energy from the lightest touch, make seamless transitions from neat, crisp collection to breathtaking extension. That kind of power often comes at a price — many top upper-level dressage horses are hot horses and sensitive rides. Here are a few tips and dressage training exercises that can help you manage this type of hot horse. More

Badminton 2014: This is as tough as it gets
Only 21 combinations made it through without going wrong on the cross-country at the Mitsubishi Motors Badminton Horse Trials, harking back to the early days of the sport when three-day-eventing was truly a test of the toughest. In recent years the type of horse needed to win a four-star horse trials has changed from the tough and dour types.More

Mary King retires Imperial Cavalier
Horse & Country
Mary told H&C she thought they had a “very good chance” of winning the prestigious event. However, Archie, her horse, got stuck half way through the owl hole at the Outlnder Bank. Mary and his owners – Eddie and Sue Davies, and Janette Chinn – decided it was time to retire the 17-year-old.More

Why is it time to ride?
The American Horse Council’s Marketing Alliance members are the sponsors of the 100 Day Horse Challenge.Determine if you are a Small, Medium or Large Division Host and create events and experiences between May 31, 2014 and Sept. 7, that invite and engage newcomers to the horse industry.More

Clarke Johnstone wins New Zealand's CCI*** horse trials champs
Fog, earthquakes, sun and above all, some world-class displays of eventing riding, eventing horses and cross country courses; that was the weekend of May 18, at the NRM National Three Day Eventing Championships in Taupo, New Zealand. Clarke Johnstone and Balmoral Sensation continued their sensational new partnership with a win in the NRM CCI***, leading from start to finishMore

Blind dressage rider aiming for Rio 2016
Horse & Country
Verity Smith has ridden all her life and competed in showjumping until her mid-teens, when she lost her sight due to a rare genetic disorder. This was when she decided to take up dressage – and is now aiming for the Rio Paralympics in 2016. Verity has already competed for Para Team GB as well as in able-bodied events, and was hoping to represent her country at London 2012. However she lost her competition horse to cancer, which meant she was unable to take part in the qualifying events.More

Train with the stars: Win a day with David O'Connor and Jonathan Field
You and your friends enjoying your very own personal equestrian clinic being given by renowned horsemen whose one-on-one attention can help you and your horse work toward the goals you want to achieve. It’s possible! Now you can enter for a chance to win a one-day educational clinic for yourself and nine of your friends with Olympic Gold Medalist David O’Connor and acclaimed natural horsemanship trainer Jonathan Field.More