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Jul. 15, 2014

The Plus One Membership Challenge
USPC is asking clubs, centers and horsemasters groups to increase their overall membership numbers by one member per year in both 2015 and 2016. The Plus One Membership Challenge has been developed in response to the five year decline in national membership numbers.More

National Level Testing reminders!
Please remember that all National Level Testing applications are to be submitted online. Online applications and payment must be submitted and processed by the National Office by the applications deadline.

NEW FOR 2014: All application deadlines are 12 weeks prior to the test start date.

For more information on National Level testing please visit the website.

The 2014 test schedule can be found here.

You must be logged in to the USPC website in order to access the test schedule.

Please contact Elizabeth Smith, Instruction Coordinator, with any questions at testing@ponyclub.org.More

USPC Executive Director
The U.S. Pony Clubs, Inc. (USPC) is seeking candidates to serve as the Executive Director, with responsibility for the overall leadership of the organization in collaboration with the Board of Governors.More

Protecting our cherished equine places and spaces webinar — Aug. 8, at 8 p.m. ET
This webinar is an introduction to the key land conservation issues that threaten to impact the future of equine sports and equine industry. These are issues that all equestrians and equine enthusiasts should be aware of and furthermore understand what can be done to protect the land we need to raise, feed, breed, train, compete and recreate with our horses.

About the Presenter

Holley Groshek

Holley was the Director of Administration and Equine Relations for the 2010 FEI World Equestrian Games Foundation where she developed, marketed and managed the Equine Village Partner program. Additionally, she spent eight years as Executive Director of the Kentucky World Trade Center. Holley holds an MBA with concentration in Marketing and International Business from Binghamton University, New York, as well as a B.S. degree in liberal arts (with emphasis in biochemistry). An avid equestrian, Holley grew up in upstate New York and has more than twenty years of experience riding and competing as an amateur rider. She serves on the Kentucky Equine Humane Center Board of Directors. Working for ELCR holds a particular interest for Holley because she believes that loss of land for equine use is one of the most critical issues facing the horse world. Holley lives in Lexington with her three dogs Nika, Gucci and Peggy May. She enjoys riding in her free time.

To join this webinar please register here and register with your name and email address. As always these webinars will be recorded and posted on the website for viewing at a later date.

FAQs about webinars can be found here and any questions about webinars can be sent to webinar@ponyclub.org. More

Join us at Festival!
Shop Pony Club will be open and fully stocked during Festival! Be sure to stop by and pick up all things Pony Club in the Alltech Arena. Specials this year will include a bargain book table, new tees and Pony Club gifts and an awesome tie-dye station for coloring your Festival t-shirt and anything else! Don’t miss out on the fun! See you in July! www.shopponyclub.org More

Gearing up for Festival
We’ve been super busy drafting some great blogs packed full of tips and ideas for traveling to Festival, set-up while at the Horse Park and managing the chaos of change-over day. Trot on over to the Pony Club Pizza and grab a slice of knowledge!More

Tutoring Tuesday's archived!
Did you miss a Tutoring Tuesday webinar? Don’t fret! The webinars are recorded and available for viewing here. The recorded presentation is available as well as the Power Point Presentations. You will need to register with your name and email address to view the presentation. FAQs about webinars can be found on the website and any questions about webinars can be sent to webinar@ponyclub.org.

The schedule for upcoming webinars is available here.More

British eventing squad selected for World Equestrian Games
Horse & Hound
The British eventing squad for the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games has been named. Chef de mission Will Connell said: “The 2014 World Equestrian Games represents the first of only 2 opportunities for GBR to qualify a team by right for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games."More

American Quarter Horse named 'Horse of Honor'
The Normandy 2014 Organizing Committee is proud to welcome the American Quarter Horse as a “Horse of Honor” at the 2014 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games. “The American Quarter Horse is the world’s most versatile breed,” said AQHA President Johnny Trotter of Hereford, Texas.More

The Olympic dreams of an equestrian: Hunter Holloway is riding all the way to the top
The Kansas City Star
Hunter Holloway fell off of a horse the day before she was born. “That’s what’s wrong with me,” Holloway jokes about her mother’s fall the day before she gave birth. “I just know I’ve been on a horse every day since I can remember."More

How horses jump
Practical Horseman
What makes a horse a world-class jumper? You might be surprised to learn there's no ideal formula. The best jumpers possess a combination of great strength and coordination, but exactly how they use their bodies to get from one side of a fence to the other varies from horse to horse. In some cases, they compensate for a weakness with a different strength. In others, training and good riding help them overcome weaknesses.More

Spring training important for horses
Bangor Daily News
After a particularly long winter that was especially difficult for horseback riders, everyone is exhilarated to see every one of those spring beacons. Many riders were grounded this winter by extreme cold and icy footing, so the moderate weather is a delight. However, the horses, having had the winter off, are about as fit for work as the marshmallows you found in the back of the cupboard from last Halloween. More

Equine eye problems get a closer look: In vivo corneal confocal microscopy
Practical Horseman
Your horse’s large, prominent eyes give him a wide field of vision. Unfortunately, their size and placement also make them prone to problems. Injuries and infections in the cornea, the surface layer of the eye and its first line of defense, are common — and when they’re not promptly treated, they can cost the horse his sight. More