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Nov. 19, 2013

Support YOUR Annual Meeting!
We can’t wait to see everyone in Portland in January. If you, or someone you know would like to support the Annual Meeting by becoming a Sponsor, Donor, Table Sponsor, National Youth Congress Sponsor or more, take a look at all of the sponsorship opportunities available. More

USPC Annual Meeting and Equine Symposium 2014
Looking for things to do in the Portland area?

Check out local tours

Visit the Portland Visitor Association

Find out what's going on downtown Portland


Calling All Club, Center and Regional Leaders
Come participate in the USPC Annual Meeting and Convention like never before! There are additional sessions – beginning Thursday a.m. for everyone and continuing through Sunday with workshops. DCs and CAs can join the RSs for a Thursday evening reception as well as special presentations throughout the weekend.More

USPC Festival 2014
Pony Club is celebrating 60 years of excellence in equine education and we want to celebrate with you! Put Lexington, KY., on your calendar for next July and find family fun in the bluegrass. Visit here to find out more. Charles Owen is a Festival Silver Stirrup Sponsor at Festival and will offer safe fun for everyone.More

HMO's and CHMJ's End of Year Reports are Due by Dec. 1,
Make sure you turn in your HMO and CHMJ End of Year Reports by no later than Dec. 1!More

Happy Hunting
Now that foxhunting season is well underway in most areas of the country, don’t forget about the Live Oak Hounds Foxhunting Challenge Award for your Pony Club Members. This is a great way to encourage young Foxhunters, and for seasoned hunters to be able to participate and earn points for their Club. More

USPC Flash Teamwork Award
Kathy Aranosian (owner of Flash, the USPC 50th Anniversary Breyer Model) is sponsoring a yearly contest, for which she will supply a perpetual trophy, to encourage the kind of teamwork generated by her club when they were writing about Flash. More

Are you Eligible for Special Recognition Awards?
USPC with the help of several other equine organizations, acknowledges special recognition awards each year. Are you an eventer, or dressage rider, do you compete on a Saddlebred, or Cleveland Bay? You may be eligible for special recognition. More

The 2014 USPC Festival
Next year, the USPC Festival celebrates 60 years of equestrian education with USPC National Championships, Educational Clinics and Workshops. Click Read More to find additional sponsorship information.More

There are Only 9 Days Before the Holiday Shopping Season Officially Kicks Off

With the holiday season fast approaching, remember how easy it is to shop on Amazon.com and benefit Pony Club at the same time! Simply head here, click the Amazon.com banner, and start shopping! A portion of every sale is returned to Pony Club no matter what you purchase so get a jump-start on your holiday shopping!

Coming soon to Shop Pony Club in time for your Holiday shopping: New Pony Club Tumblers and several new designs for all of our logo wear, along with many other goodies! Stay tuned to Shop Pony Club’s website for more details coming soon!More

Dreaming of that New Saddle?
Ah yes, that beautiful saddle you saw the other day is dancing around in your dreams. The question is … how to get the cash to buy it? Have you considered selling your old saddle in the Pony Club Classifieds? Pony Club Classifieds deliver an audience interested in ponies and horses, used tack, and even equine properties for sale. Check it out at www.ponyclub.org.


Background Check and Youth Protection How To
Need to do your background check? While a background check usually takes a couple days, they may take up to a month. The links are on the background check frequently asked questions webpage. Links are highlighted under the question, “How will I do the background check?” Direct access to Background Check Links may also be found under the Safety tab on the Pony Club website.

How to access the Youth Protection Training Module: Go to ponyclub.org and sign in using your own USER NAME and PASSWORD. If you do not remember your sign in information you can contact Aileen Gordon for assistance. Please do NOT take the training while signed in under someone else's name as you will NOT received credit yourself and will have to re-take the training. Do not log in as your club, center, or region as you will receive an error message. Under the "Safety” tab found on the menu bar of the Web site, from the drop down click on "Youth Protection." Then click on YOUTH PROTECTION TRAINING in the beige rectangle near the top of the page.

There are three sections to the full module. You may choose to do one section and come back at a later time to complete the remaining sections or do all three sections in one sitting.

When you have satisfactorily completed a section with a pass rate of 100 percent on the short quiz, you will receive one CEU (you will get one CEU for each section that is satisfactorily completed). Once you have completed and passed at 100 percent all three quizzes, the words “Youth Protection Training” will appear in your USPF Profile under Certifications. More

Watch Your Horse's Weight or it Could be Trouble
The Star-Ledger
If your horse is overweight, it might be more than just an appearance problem. The first obvious evidence of Equine Metabolic Syndrome likely is weight gain. But the dangers of this condition go far beyond pudginess. The animal with EMS is at risk for laminitis (also known as founder), which disrupts blood flow to the laminae structures in the hoof that secure the coffin bone. More

Family and Youth Agency Hosts Holiday Festival; Introduces Horse Therapy
It may not be Christmas yet but Lake Charles, La., locals got a taste of the holiday spirit recently. The Family & Youth Agency Lake Charles hosted the 'Lighting of Cupolas' holiday festival. Founder and CEO of Family & Youth, Julio Galan, said they have been able to provide services to children affected by grief.More

Legendary Wyoming Bucking Horse Khadafy Skoal Dies
Caspar Star-Tribune via The Billings Gazette
His registered name at birth was S.S. Salty Dog. By the time he was 4 it changed to Khadafy Skoal. Along with the name change were new owners. But the prized quarter-horse never struggled with his identity. More

Exploring How Budweiser Clydesdale Horses Are Selected
At the Anhueser-Busch training stables in Merrimack, N.H., they take as much pride in their horses as they do in their beer. The Budweiser Clydesdale Horses have won the hearts of even the toughest beer-drinking football fans. More