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USPC Helmet Awareness Campaign Poster Contest: Sponsored by Charles Owen
The poster artwork design should convey the concept of why it is important to wear a helmet every time you ride. The Overall Contest Goal is to educate the equestrian community (regardless of discipline) to wear a helmet every time you ride.

Any original artwork will be considered and must be submitted as 8.5"x11" high resolution 300 dpi or better.

Opening Date – Sept. 1. Contest entry open to all participating Pony Club members. Judging based on originality and what best conveys the theme/message.

Closing Date – Postmarked or emailed to by Oct. 27 – Send entries to Safety Committee, 4041 Iron Works Pkwy, Lexington, KY 40511

The Winning Submission will be announced in the winter issue of Pony Club News. The winning poster will be displayed and distributed at the Annual Meeting. It will also be available for download from for all members and leaders to display in barns, tack shops, feed stores, and even your room.

The winner will receive a helmet or body protector of their choice from Charles Owen.
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Brookfield Conservation Award
It's time to get to work on your Land Conservation Projects. Submissions for the Brookfield Conservation Award are due Nov. 1. Don't miss out on this great opportunity to help your Club, Center or Region.

The Brookfield Conservation Award rewards efforts for the promotion of land conservation by individuals, Clubs, Centers or Regions through education. Educational efforts may include working with your local hunt or other organizations or schools to write articles, present workshops, research papers, civic activities and more. Group projects can include coordinating with local conservation groups to do trail clearing, park cleaning, local Earth Day activities, tree planting, cleaning and repairing local equestrian trails and much more.

Applicants may be a club, center, region, or individual, and up to two $500 awards may be given yearly. The deadline for submissions is Nov. 1. Click here for full award guidelines and criteria.

The Brookfield Conservation Award is named in honor of the historic Brookfield Farm near Lexington, KY. The original parcels of Brookfield were received from the British monarchy in the late 1700s. In 2000 Brookfield was placed in the Bluegrass Conservancy by its owners, Betsy and Jack van Nagell.

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Need to declutter the tack trunk?
Sell your stuff in the Pony Club Classifieds. People who read the Pony Club Classifieds are always interested in ponies and horses, used tack, and even equine properties for sale. Check it out at In the News & Media drop down menu, select Classifieds. FAQs, rates, and signup sheets are all there. Turn your unused tack into cash!
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  Deworming Made Easy

We want to see how much your horse loves Durvet’s APPLE scented and flavored DEWORMERS. To enter, create a video showing how easy it is to deworm your horse using Durvet Ivermectin or Pyrantel Paste. Smell the APPLE scent. Taste the APPLE flavor. Deliciously EASY!

CONTEST                   COUPON                  FACEBOOK

Do you need a background check? Top tips to submitting yours!
If you plan to hold a position as a 2015 club officer, you will need a current background check (within 3 years) on file with Pony Club. While the background check fee is your responsibility, clubs, centers, or regions may offer to reimburse for this expense. The cost of your background check qualifies as a legitimate expense of volunteering for a charitable organization, and may be deducted if you file Schedule A of the IRS 1040 return.

Here is the link to access the background check FAQs Web page. Links to the background check are highlighted under the question, "How will I do the background check?"

Direct access to Background Check Links may also be found on the USPC website, under the SAFETY tab. Click on BACKGROUND CHECKS. Scroll down to the highlighted links for volunteers' or treasurers' applications.

NOTE: Background checks with incorrectly entered names do not produce any results, thus the background check must be submitted AND PAID FOR AGAIN. Tips to avoid this error:
  • Please enter your LEGAL name as printed on your Social Security card.
  • Be certain to enter your LAST and FIRST name in the appropriate boxes.
  • If you have a Junior, Senior, or numerals after your last name, please do not enter those in the last name field. Please indicate those along with other names you may be using in the box titled Notes.
Thank you for your commitment to Pony Club!

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Get ready to bid!
The online Clinic Auction to benefit the USPC International Exchange and Special Programs will begin next week. The first clinic will go up for auction on Thursday Oct. 23. New clinics will be added throughout the following days, so you will need to keep a close watch. Some of our generous donors include Richard Lamb, Cathie McLeod, Nancy MacIsaac, Alexa Ehlers, Sara Greiling, and Janna Ritacco.

The auction will be held through eBayGivingWorks. This is a great way to begin filling your 2015 calendars, while also supporting important Pony Club programs.

We will keep you updated throughout the week.

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Honor someone special with a gift to Pony Club
As we begin to think about the upcoming Holiday season, it's a perfect time to start planning your gift giving. A gift to Pony Club is a perfect way to Honor a special Pony Club friend, equine partner, volunteer, graduate or member. You can make an honorary or memorial gift to the UPSC Annual Fund, or to a specific fund of your choice here. A card will be sent to the person you would like to honor on your behalf.
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2015 National USPC Youth Congress
What is the National USPC Youth Congress (NYC)? The NYC is USPC's way of recognizing outstanding H-B through A Pony Club members and providing them with an extraordinary opportunity for growth and development through a national conference of approximately 40 youth members and up to 5 outstanding Pony Club alumni. The NYC Program takes place each year the two days prior to the USPC Annual Meeting. The Program consists of group discussions, presentations and interaction with Pony Club Alumni, networking, etc. for youth members and alumni. The NYC culminates in the Honors Banquet at which the outstanding alumni are inducted into the USPC Academy of Achievement.

The NYC provides numerous benefits for the selected Pony Club members. It rewards them for leadership in their clubs/regions by giving them opportunities to network with others who share their love of and experience with horses. It exposes them to wider experiences outside of Pony Club by introducing them to outstanding alumni from all walks of life. It gives them opportunities to develop leadership skills through participation in a national forum. All lodging (3 nights) and meals (2 days) will be provided for youth delegates for the two days of the Youth Congress. Transportation will not be provided.

Youth delegates to the NYC must be nominated by their clubs and selected by their Regions based on the following criteria:

Youth Delegates
  • Must be members in good standing of a member club of USPC in the current Year.
  • Must embody the qualities mentioned in the USPC Mission Statement
  • Must hold an H-B/C+ or higher National Certification
  • Must be 18 years or older by Jan. 1, when NYC takes place.
  • Must demonstrate leadership and volunteerism
  • Must be outstanding outside of Pony Club
Click here to learn more.

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CERTIFICATE CHECK LIST now available for the riding portion of the Dressage Club/Center Level Tests. Listed with the other Check lists on this Web page

Feel the love.
Adopt a wild horse or burro and experience an amazing relationship. To learn about 2014 adoption and sales opportunities, call 866-468-7826 or visit
Selling Morgans Faster and Better
Nearly 20,000 visits per month, over 6,000 fans on Facebook, no wonder does a better job of selling Morgan Horses than any other website. MORE

20+ Year Local Legend Award
Established by the USPC Board of Governors in May 2010, this 20+ Year Local Legend Award is intended to honor those who have faithfully served their local club, center and/or region for at least 20 years. Recipient will be recognized in an upcoming issue of Pony Club News (space permitting), following receipt of complete form. This form must be completed by a DC, JtDC, CA, ACA, RS or VRS and submitted along with $10 to USPC.

This is a wonderful opportunity to thank those hard working volunteers in your area that support the clubs and region in so many ways. Follow this link to the application and there is no deadline, this is a wonderful thank you/appreciation that is available all year long!

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CHART OF LEARNING-please look at this chart as it will help you and your members understand how to advance through the Standards in Pony Club.

USPC Achievement Badges
This program was designed to develop a sense of achievement in between certifications for members working at the D-Levels. It also gives instructors another tool to teach basic knowledge of horse care and riding skills. It sets a foundation for testing's and is available for participation by Pony Club members.
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Integrating Horsemasters into your Club/Center/Region Webinar, Oct. 21, at 8 p.m. Eastern Time
How often have you heard adults wishing they could participate in educational and competitive activities that you coordinate for your PC members every month? Wouldn’t it be nice to recruit a new set of volunteers to help with your PC event? Incorporating the Horsemasters program into your Club/Center/Region can have numerous benefits for all! This webinar will cover what a Horsemaster is, who Horsemasters members are and how the program can benefit your Pony Club experience. Learn ways to bring them in, involve and integrate them, and how to help to make your Horsemasters membership grow.

About the Presenter

Bridget Bryson

Bridget was brought up in Pony Club, with a grandmother who was a DC in Wales in the The Pony Club, a mother who was a Pony Club member, and she herself was a member of the Cheshire Forest Pony Club in the UK. Both her children were avid Pony Club members and although no longer members (Steph lives in Australia, Ben is in the Navy), they both continue to make Pony Club connections as they travel the globe! Bridget was the founding DC of Silver Bits Pony Club in Iowa, and has since taken on regional roles from VRS to RIC. She was a very active member of the Visiting Instruction committee, and is currently Chair of the Horsemasters committee.

To join this webinar please register at and register with your Name and E-mail address. As always these webinars will be recorded and posted at for viewing at a later date.

FAQs about webinars can be found at and any questions about webinars can be sent to

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Equine Metabolic Syndrome
Pony Club
Our article explored some discussions you should have with your veterinarian if you suspect your horse might be inflicted with EMS. Today, read more on confirming diagnosis, studying for your H-A, and other considerations for a horse with EMS.

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Going out on a limb for horses
Niki Marie Hansen has high hopes that prosthetic implants will one day provide a second chance for horses that suffer serious life-threatening lower limb injuries. She wants to assess whether prosthetic implants in the legs of horses would be sturdy enough to withstand the big forces generated by the animal's motion.

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A simple choice for HOYS Supreme Horse
Horse & Country
Earlier in the day, the pair won the BSHA Riding Horse of the Year Championship, which saw them win a place in the final, along with nine other HOYS champions. But Broadshard Simplicity’s elegance, conformation and star quality saw him take the title. As Jayne explained, the six-year-old large hack has real charisma and loves playing to the crowd.

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Meet our sponsors
As a very important part of the USPC programs, we would like to introduce you to some of the Pony Club Sponsors. Their support helps USPC provide quality programming for all of our members.

This month we would like to introduce Red Brand Fence

Keystone Steel & Wire Company, founded in 1889, created Red Brand fence to be the premier agricultural fencing product in the country and it quickly became a household name on American farms. The use of high-quality materials and expert craftsmanship has earned Red Brand the reputation of 'the most respected name in farm fence. Truly American-made from start to finish, the products delivered by Red Brand boast an earth-friendly component, as 100 percent of the wire used to produce its line of fencing is made of reclaimed and recycled steel. Appealing to a broad range of consumers and building on the early success of its products, Red Brand has enjoyed a loyal following from generations of farmers, ranchers and hobbyists. For complete details of Red Brand's history and full product line, visit

"Red Brand is proud to partner with USPC as the club's Official Education Sponsor," said Dain Rakestraw, Marketing Manager for Red Brand. "Sharing Pony Club's objective to teach its members about all aspects of horse management, Red Brand strives to educate horse owners on how to effectively protect their horses from predators and harm. We believe that caring for the safety and security of a horse begins with reliable fencing. By aligning our company with Pony Club, we are able to help equip the next generation of horse owners with a valuable understanding of a horse's safe-keeping. We admire USPC's positive reputation within the equine community and look forward to a long-lasting partnership as we work together to develop educational programs that can last a lifetime."

Be sure and visit their Facebook page and say Thank You for Sponsoring Pony Club!

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National Level Retesting Procedures!
So you're eligible for a National Level Retest? You probably have a lot of questions on when, where, and how!

First, familiarize yourself with the opportunities, procedures, guidelines, and rules for a retest by reading over the National Level Retest Procedures located at this link:

Next, you will need to complete your retest application by logging into your new, personalized Upper Level Testing page!

Log in to using your user name and password. Under the heading "My Stuff", click on "Upper Level Testing".

All retest application deadlines are 3 weeks prior to the retest start date.

For more information on National Level testing please visit:

Please contact Elizabeth Smith, Instruction Coordinator, with any questions at

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2015 Annual Meeting registration is now open!
The Capital and Virginia Regions invite you to join USPC for a Monumental Experience! Register now for a fun filled weekend of leadership training, educational workshops and socializing!

Registration for the 2015 United States Pony Clubs Annual Meeting is now open. Please visit the Annual Meeting page and see the links under Registration to register. The early registration prices of Adult $125 and Youth $95 are available until Nov. 15. Regular registration prices of Adult $140 and Youth $110 are available until Jan. 6. After Jan. 3 online late registrations will be accepted but no meal tickets will be available for purchase. Late registration prices are Adult $155 and Youth $125. There will be a limited number of tote bags and proceedings book available for late/onsite registrants and there will be no meal tickets available for purchase onsite.

Does your Club, Region, or Center want a booth in the Annual Meeting Trade Fair? Do you know of a business that would like to receive information on our trade fair? Visit the Annual Meeting Trade Fair page of the USPC website for more information about the 2015 Annual Meeting.

If you have questions please contact either Wayne Quarles, Activities and Events Director, or Erin Woodall, Activities and Events Coordinator,

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ASHA/USPC Annual Awards Program
Deadline Nov. 15 – USPC members will be recognized for participating in Pony Club Events on their American Saddlebred or Half-Saddlebred. Click here for more information. It will be the responsibility of the Pony Club member to get all the information together and send it to the ASHA by Dec. 15 of each year.
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