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Why is it time to ride?
American families are strapped for time. The demands of work, school, extracurricular commitments and putting meals on the table often leave little room for creativity and freedom. With the convenience of digital entertainment, many families are slipping away from an active lifestyle and getting caught in a computer-generated reality.

Yet, those families that take time to engage in horse activities — perhaps after-school riding lessons for the kids, a girls-day trail ride for mom, a family vacation to a dude ranch, a date with friends to go to the races or an outing to a horse show — are finding the time invested returns priceless rewards.

By and large, the horse is a mystery to Americans living in the hustle and bustle of urban and suburban settings. Horse barns are certainly not found on every street corner. A trip to a rodeo, race track or fair grounds is set aside for special occasions. But, horse experiences might be more accessible than you think.

Perhaps it’s time to reconnect with the horse to find the benefits of equine activities. The horse can bring the family together in an activity that is part work-out, part therapy session and part pure exhilaration.

Time To Ride is designed to connect American families, specifically moms, to horse opportunities in their local area. It is a program coordinated by the American Horse Council in cooperation with a host of other equine organizations and breed associations. We hope you find it helpful in making first, second, or third steps towards a horse experience.
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USPC Festival 2014
Join us at the Kentucky Horse Park, Lexington, Kentucky
July 14-21
CLICK HERE for the tentative schedules and more information.

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Outgrown your pony?
Pass him on to an eager jockey with the Pony Club Classifieds. Check it out at In the News & Media drop down menu, select Classifieds. FAQs, rates, and signup sheets are all there. Let someone new enjoy your pony as much as you have!
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  #1 Name in Equine Preventive Maintenance and Rehab

Non Invasive, portable and easy to use. Your First Aid Kit at Equestrian Events. Outcomes based product. Made in America. Save money on medical bills. 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. 5 Year Limited Warranty. Save money on medical bills.


Positive coaching from your phone
Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA) is pleased to introduce its first iPhone app. PCA Pocket Sports Quote™ provides daily inspirational quotes and images, and is great for coaches, parents and athletes to match to the moment and share with a click. The user can also upload their own pictures into the background of the quotes. For more information and how to download the app, please visit the website .
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Seeking Festival volunteers
Are you coming to Festival Championships or Education with your with you kids? Want something to do to help the time go by faster? We will be looking for volunteers for both Champs and Education specifically to be shuttle drivers. Any of the dads that want to “hang with the suspenders guys” and cruise around in a golf cart all week, we always need a few additional Operations (Ops) hands. If you or anyone you know is interested, please let Wayne know. You can reach him by email or by phone to his direct line 859-559-0651 or the USPC line 859-254-7669, ext. 222.
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Festival education
Un-mounted Topics H-B/H-A Prep, Lower Level Standards and Certification Clinic, Biomechanics Workshop, Masters Clinics with Lendon Gray and Spy Coast Farms, Sports Psychology, Trailering Problems, Trailering 101, Equine Drugs, Vaulting, Polo, D Level Nutrition and other topics, Vet Box, Tai Chi, Farrier topics, Polocrosse, Saddle Fitting, Horse Massage, Holistic/Acupuncture/Herbs, Mechanics of Dressage, Rehab/Recovery, Understanding Metabolic Syndrome, Feeding the Metabolic Horse, Vet Topics with local veterinarians, Grooming the Upper Level Horse, Bits with Gina Miles, Horse Management D and C Level topics, Parasites, Forages and Hay and more!

Almost all topics and workshops will be held in the air-conditioned Alltech Arena along with the Trade Fair!

Mounted Instruction will be two days only, July 20-21. Riding disciplines available to choose from are: Cross Country, Dressage, Show Jumping, Games, Western, Polocrosse, Riding with an NE, Distance Riding and Horsemanship/Ground Training. There will be one early morning foxhunt, make sure to sign up as that is an extra riding opportunity here in Kentucky!

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Feel the love.
Adopt a wild horse or burro and experience an amazing relationship. To learn about 2014 adoption and sales opportunities, call 866-468-7826 or visit
Need Awards
or Prizes?

Start earning points towards free awards and prizes like these: Cutouts, Popouts, Ribbon Displays, Keepsake Boxes, 2-Sided Blankets and more! Call 1-877-614-6773 for details!

From Shop Pony Club
Purchased any products from Shop Pony Club lately? We want to hear from you! You can now leave reviews of the products you love most! We love to hear from our members and are always looking to make our products better so drop us a line and let us know. Who knows, we may feature your review in a future E-News or Facebook post.
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From the Pony Club Pizza
Our Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event recap is up! Check out several great posts from guest bloggers of the fun-filled weekend. Congratulations to William Fox-Pitt, British Pony Club Graduate, and Bay My Hero on their victory!
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  Deworming Made Easy

We want to see how much your horse loves Durvet’s APPLE scented and flavored DEWORMERS. To enter, create a video showing how easy it is to deworm your horse using Durvet Ivermectin or Pyrantel Paste. Smell the APPLE scent. Taste the APPLE flavor. Deliciously EASY!

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Instruction updates
New Dressage D-2 through C-2 Test Sheets are now available on the website.

New 2014 Horse Management Handbook and Rules for Rallies is available for download from the USPC web site or purchase from

You can purchase or download just the Competitor section (part 1) or the entire Handbook (parts 1-3) which includes the Judges/Organizer and Horse Management Organizer sections.

Competitors are only required to have (part 1) for all rallies.

The 2014 HM Handbook will be in effect May 1, 2014.

NEW D-1 –C-2 Examiner Handbook is available on the website. This handbook has been specifically designed to help all club/center level examiners in preparing for, working with the organizer and how to conduct a successful club/center level test. This handbook is also helpful for DC’s and CA’s in organizing and knowing how club/center level tests should be run. Check it out!

NEW Wording for D-1 through C-2 Re-test

Effective January 1, 2014 the wording for D-1 through C-2 Retest is as follows:

A candidate may retest only if the candidate qualifies for a retest by passing the minimum number of sections stated on the test sheet and the original Examiner has recommended the candidate to retest. Those testing during the current year have until Aug. 31 of the following year to retest. Candidates must arrange for retests through their DC/CA.

You may notice that this wording now reflects what has been occurring at the Upper Level H-B and above. We are in the process of changing this wording on all test sheets and Standards for the Club/Center Level Test D-1 through C-2.

CHART OF LEARNING: please look at this chart (click "READ MORE") as it will help you and your members understand how to move through the Standards or tracks in Pony Club.

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2 new membership types to welcome individuals to Pony Club
Alumni Membership is an annual membership for Pony Club graduates of all ages to maintain a connection with Pony Club while supporting the organization at a level below a Corporate Membership. With this membership, you will receive an Alumni Membership pin and on-line access to the Pony Club News magazine and e-News. Most importantly you can continue to be a proud member of Pony Club. To join please click here.

Friend Membership is an annual membership, open to anyone over the age of 18. It is a way for individuals with an interest in Pony Club to proudly support the organization as a member and is ideal for volunteers, instructors or family members who are not required to be a Corporate Member. With this membership, you will receive a Friend Membership pin and on-line access to the Pony Club News magazine and e-News. To join please click here.

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Tutoring Tuesday's archived!
Did you miss a Tutoring Tuesday webinar? Don’t fret! The webinars are recorded and available for viewing here. The recorded presentation is available as well as the Power Point Presentations. You will need to register with your name and email address to view the presentation. FAQs about webinars can be found here and any questions about webinars can be sent to The schedule for upcoming webinars is available at our website .
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Masters of Foxhounds Association of America
The Masters of Foxhounds Association of America is offering a unique opportunity for one or two individuals to apprentice with one of the nation’s top professional huntsmen. This is a wonderful opportunity for the right individual. The majority of horse enthusiasts in America do not realize that there is a career in foxhunting, but there is, and it can be a fun and exciting way to earn a living. For the few young people who do realize it, most are unsure of how to get started. The MFHA and the USPC are working together to get the word out that an apprenticeship in the field of foxhunting has been started. The MFHA feels that the education and riding credentials given by the USPC would be the ideal foundation needed to be a high quality hunt professional.

This is a serious effort to enlighten some of the graduating class and future graduating classes of Pony Club members that there are jobs in mounted foxhunting. To be considered, the candidate must be a C3 Traditional level or better and 18 years old or older and have the recommendation of the local DC. We will choose one or possibly two candidates a year. Candidates will be chosen by the Professional Development Committee through riding and interviews conducted at a camp, time and date to be announced at a later date. The first apprenticeship will start May 1st 2015 and will be one year long. During that year the apprentice(s) will be employed by the hosting hunts and will receive on the job training by one of the top Huntsmen in North America. They will also have a rigorous study program put forward by the MFHA. This study program will be supplemented by hunt and kennel visits and by attending hound shows. They will work extensively with a representative of the MFHA who will mentor the apprentice and implement the study program. The mentor will make periodic visits and will communicate with the huntsmen and masters of hosting hunt as well as the apprentice.

During the term of the apprenticeship if the apprentice fails to fulfill his duties at the hunt, or acts in anyway unbecoming of a hunt professional the apprenticeship will be terminated. If the hunt for any reason does not live up it its end of the deal the apprentice will be relocated to a hunt more in his nature.

At the successful completion of the yearlong apprenticeship the mentor and the MFHA will aid and assist the apprentice in finding a job in the business. The mentor will continue to be available for as long as necessary to help the candidate make a smooth transition to the position of Whipper-in.

Further information and applications will be available at a later date. If interested contact Wayne Quarles, to be added to the list of people interested in further information.

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Tragic loss of top US eventer RF Smoke on the Water
The horse who placed fifth in the most recent Rolex Kentucky Three Day Event in the U.S. has been euthanized following a stable accident when he became cast in his stall.

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Fox-Pitt wins 3rd Rolex Kentucky 3-Day in 5 years
The Courier-Journal
William Fox-Pitt clinched his third Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event in five years with a confident and flawless ride aboard Bay My Hero in the April 27, stadium jumping competition at the Kentucky Horse Park.

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The Pony Club Pizza
As a member progresses through the levels, they get to a point where they are expected to be actively teaching and testing at the club or regional level. This can be anything from going to a new center and testing six D1's to being an available coach at rally.

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National Level Testing reminders!
Please remember that all National Level Testing applications are to be submitted online. Online applications and payment must be submitted and processed by the National Office by the applications deadline.

New for 2014: All application deadlines are 12 weeks prior to the test start date. For more information on National Level testing please visit the website.

The 2014 test schedule can be found at here.

You must be logged in to the USPC website in order to access the test schedule.

Please contact Elizabeth Smith, Instruction Coordinator, with any questions at

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Now that the year is well underway, many clubs, centers and regions have experienced a change in officers for a variety of reasons. It is extremely important that correct procedures be followed for all such changes and that they be reported to USPC as soon as possible. Click "READ MORE" for more information about the correct way to handle these changes.
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Scholarship assistance available for instructor certification program workshop
Thanks to the generosity of the Brennan family, Pony Club Instructors and Upper-Level Members are eligible to receive scholarship assistance to attend Instructor Certification Program Workshops at a greatly reduced cost. The scholarship, funded by the Eleanor Brennan Fund, is intended for those who are regularly teaching Pony Club lessons. Eleanor was a B rated member of the Mountain Skyline Pony Club. As a member of Pony Club, Eleanor earned honors from 1st place at her first regional Quiz Rally, up to the coveted Cavalry Award, which is given to the top placing Pony Club members in any CCI event. At the time, Eleanor was the youngest rider and the only current U.S. Pony Club member to ever complete the Badminton Event in England. Eleanor never forgot her roots and would always give clinics on her visits back to the U.S. Upon her return, she had become a regular and loved Pony Club instructor and examiner, and participated in the 2007 Instructor Certification Program hosted by Pony Club at the Kentucky Horse Park.

Workshops for Instructor Training are designed to educate all levels of instructors. Their purpose is to confirm and add to their knowledge base, both theoretical and practical. A candidate for this scholarship will continue to build Equestrian knowledge throughout their teaching lifetime, and give back to Pony Club. Several scholarships up to $500 will be awarded each year. Please submit the scholarship application and reference forms to be considered for these workshops. The application form is available on the Pony Club website, under Opportunities/Grants. Please contact Connie Jehlik, Pony Club’s Director of Instruction at or 859-254-7669, ext. 223, if you have further questions.

USEA: For more information about the USEA ICP program, visit their website at To ask questions about the Instructors’ Certification Program or to find out how to sign up for ICP Workshop(s), visit, or contact Sue Hershey at USDF: For information on the USDF Instructor/Trainer Program, visit If you have further questions, contact the Instructor/Trainer Program Liaison at 859-971-2277 or

USHJA: For information on the Hunter Jumper Instructors program visit and look at the Instructor Certification process.

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