VAA Dispatch
Jan. 6, 2015

GOP drops veterans jobs bill into early House fights
Military Times
House Republicans will use a veterans jobs bill to help launch their new congressional session and renew their attacks on the president's health care priorities. The measure, the Hire More Heroes Act, would allow businesses to hire veterans without having them count as full-time employees under the Affordable Care Act. Under the law, companies with 50 or more full-time workers must offer health insurance for their employees.More

Tactical veteran: Get a response from employers
Military Times
If you're firing off resumes but aren't getting very good responses, you may need to go back to the drawing board to make some adjustments. The competition for jobs remains stiff, which means applying to multiple job postings and getting scant or no callbacks is not all that uncommon these days. Step back and take a look at how you might fine-tune your approach so you can pinpoint the corrections you need to make. Here are some things to consider.More

Vets transform life on the farm
The Porterville Recorder
Calling a vet to the farm used to mean an animal was sick, but new approaches by government and other agencies are opening the way for military veterans to assume a prominent place in the country's farm production. Recent research by the firm Agri-Pulse shows that a number of organizations are steering veterans to the farm, and several initiatives are providing training, marketing and financial help to soldiers who wish to return to the nation's agrarian roots.More

Ohio rolls out veteran friendly employer registry
Military Times
Ohio has rolled out an online registry letting military veterans know which employers are looking to hire veterans. Registry proponents suggest it should result in more jobs for veterans, while others aren't so sure.More

How this former councilwoman is helping vets and the homeless find jobs
If you're looking to hire, there are plenty of places to find qualified workers. But few people are working as tirelessly to connect a specialized work force — military veterans and the formerly homeless — with good jobs as Jan Perry, who has served as general manager of the Economic and Workforce Development Department for the city of Los Angeles since 2013. One of Perry's biggest programs, Los Angeles WorkSource Center, is all about getting people into jobs.More

Will veteran homelessness end in 2015?
The year 2015 could bring about some momentous changes for veterans. First, it is the year that the Department of Veterans Affairs set as the deadline for ending veteran homelessness according to a 5-year plan adopted in 2009. "As that deadline fast approaches, I'm pleased to report that the VA has succeeded in reducing veteran homelessness by approximately 33 percent," said U.S. Rep. Jeff Miller, R-Fla.More

Is the 22-veterans-per-day suicide rate reliable?
The Huffington Post
There's no doubt that the rising veteran suicide rate is one of the most serious issues currently being discussed in the news. With various reports focusing on different statistics and emphasizing different areas of concern, however, it can be difficult to determine precisely what information is being conveyed. What is the suicide rate among military veterans and how have these numbers been compiled?More

Military families in largest ever bereavement study share insights on grief
The Associated Press via Stars and Stripes
With his wife and child close at hand, Army Maj. Chad Wriglesworth battled skin cancer for more than a year before dying at age 37. "It was long and painful and awful," said Aimee Wriglesworth, who believes the cancer resulted from exposure to toxic fumes in Iraq. Yet the 28-year-old widow from Bristow, Virginia, seized a chance to recount the ordeal and its aftermath to a researcher, hoping that input from her and her 6-year-old daughter might be useful to other grieving military families.More