VAA Dispatch
Jul. 14, 2015

Top cities for veterans in 2015
Once military service ends, veterans begin their transition to civilian life. It can be a challenge to find a new place to live and work, and an area that includes support services and health care options for veterans. NerdWallet crunched the numbers, including data to highlight economic opportunity, to find the nation's top 10 cities for veterans.More

Congress OKs new ID cards for all veterans
Military Times
Congress approved plans to offer new veteran ID cards to honorably discharged service members, in an effort to more easily prove their military service.More

Firing more VA employees faster will not improve services for veterans
Roll Call
In a rush to assist poorly served veterans, many in Congress are supporting legislation to quickly fire the "bad apples" at the Department of Veterans Affairs. These lawmakers have the right intention — improved care for veterans — but their remedy will do far more harm than good.More

What it takes to help veterans find careers, not just jobs
Michigan Radio
It's rarely easy making the transition from the military to a career in the civilian world. Jamie Hamming knows that. She was an Army combat medic between 1990 and 1995. Her tours included stints in Korea and Somalia. An army medic does a lot of surgery on the fly. There's no one-to-one civilian equivalent, so when Hamming left the service, she was considered unqualified or overqualified for all sorts of related occupations. So Hamming had little choice but to go back to school to pursue a nursing degree.More

Capitalizing on Veterans' STEM capabilities
U.S. News & World Report
military service. And yet, it is often very difficult for veterans returning to the civilian workforce to capitalize on their capabilities and training. An article in U.S. News and World Report takes a look at the need for a concerted effort on the part of employers to take advantage of this great potential employee pool source. More

10 problems military vets encounter when job seeking
Triple Pundit
Veterans who have returned from active military duty often need to obtain employment and reintegrate into civilian life. Despite all the veteran benefits offered by the government and various DVBE organizations, many employers are hesitant to add veterans to their workforce.More

Program drives new career option for military veterans
Fleet Owner
Many carriers have implemented programs to lure veterans into the trucking industry. Veterans have many of the key attributes that carriers look for: dedication, discipline and, most importantly, a willingness to get the job done and done right. FMCSA is also trying to assist veterans in finding jobs in the industry, and those efforts seem to be paying off.More

Career strategy: Making life easier for road warriors
Military Times
Chances are you've already logged some miles. After all, wearing the uniform isn't for sedentary types. For some, traveling in service isn't enough. They get out, hit the civilian world and promptly enter into travel-heavy jobs. Some appreciate the change of scenery. Others need to travel to get ahead in their chosen careers. The lifestyle comes with challenges. Those who have done it know that a few simple tricks can make a travel job a lot easier, and maybe even a lot more fun.More

Tim McGraw gives mortgage-free homes to 36 more veterans
Good News Network
Home may be where the heart is, but for 36 lucky veterans, it's on a street where Tim McGraw has bought each of them a house. It is fitting that on the week of America's Independence Day we introduce you to the country singer who is providing financial independence for veterans with thirty-six mortgage-free homes. He's handing out one per stop on his current nationwide tour.More