VAA Dispatch
Nov. 11, 2014

Before you hang up your uniform ...
By Catherine Iste
Certain skills you pick up wearing a uniform can put you ahead in the civilian world. So before you box up everything you earned and learned from your service, make sure to keep these things handy. First off, being an early bird is a good thing. Hurry up and wait may have dominated your existence and seemed extremely frustrating. But before you start sleeping in or slacking off, realize that promptness is often quite rare in many business situations.More

Veterans Day freebies serve vets, a.m. to p.m.
USA Today
Let's say you're a veteran with lots of free time — and big ambitions to rake in plenty of pay-back for your service to your country. Well, some of America's biggest and most patriotic brands have three words of advice for you: go for it. If you play your cards right on Veterans Day, here's how freebie-seeking veterans and active military can cash in. This list is not comprehensive — and some require military ID or have other requirements.More

How veterans can ace a career fair
A career fair is a great opportunity to interact with employers, share your experience and possibly secure a follow-up job interview or even an offer. With five to 10 minutes of an interviewer's time, you can learn about their opportunities and talk yourself up, and discern if their organization might be right for you to join.More

Wall Street offers veterans a foot in the door
Chris Phillips, a military recruiter, talent management specialist for PNC Bank and Marine Corps veteran, is part of a contingent of Veterans on Wall Street. The group, which recently held a conference at Goldman Sachs' headquarters in New York City, aims to help former service members land jobs in the rough and tumble world of finance. More

Veterans deserve more than job fairs
USA Today
As the military drawdown in Afghanistan continues, the United States will add an additional 80,000 veterans from the Army alone to the civilian workforce. This is on top of the normal annual rate of separations from military service. On this Veterans Day, let's think about all America's soldiers who are receiving pink slips.More

Veterans are natural-born entrepreneurs
Veterans are 45 percent more likely to be self-employed than nonveterans, according to the U.S. Small Business Administration. And the agency estimates that about 2.4 million or 9 percent of all U.S. small businesses are veteran-owned, representing about $1 trillion in annual sales. In October, the SBA announced that it would extend fee relief on its popular 7(a) loan for amounts of $150,000 or less. The fee-relief program, originally slated to expire on Sept. 30, was extended one year.More

A new challenge for veterans who want to buy a home
FOX Business
After years in the shadows, the historic VA loan program is getting some time in the sun, but it may be short lived. VA loan volume has surged since the housing crisis. Veterans and military buyers have flocked to the program's more flexible and forgiving requirements in a time of tight credit. But that momentum may be fleeting for veterans in some of the nation's more expensive housing markets.More

Washington, D.C.'s 1st supportive housing for homeless veterans breaks ground
Washington City Paper
Pledging "new hope and a fresh start for veterans in Washington, D.C.," U.S. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Julián Castro took part in the recent groundbreaking for the District's first permanent supportive housing for homeless veterans — a day before Veterans Day.More

Buy a home with a VA loan
Veterans Today
Military homebuyers have access to one of the most unique and powerful loan programs ever created. The VA loan program has helped more than 18 million veterans become homeowners since World War II. These flexible, low-cost loans are more popular than ever before, and there's little secret why: Qualified veterans can purchase a home with no money down.More

The worst cities for veterans
Returning veterans face multiple challenges, which make it tough to decide where to live. Many are coping with debilitating injuries and psychological trauma. A large share does not have a college degree. Lots of vets have no career background outside of their military service. Ideally, they need to settle in spots with good health care for veterans, a surplus of military-related jobs and veteran-friendly employers, high-job growth, low unemployment, rapid wage growth, affordable housing and an attractive cost of living index.More