VAA Dispatch
Nov. 26, 2013

Hire a hero? Identity management of job seeking veterans
Veterans Today
Recent years have shown an increasing number of veterans entering the civilian workforce. Despite efforts from organizations to assist job-seeking veterans, this group still faces challenges in obtaining employment. Veterans' perceptions of employer views as well as experienced discrimination affected whether job seekers avoided discussing their veteran's status, concealed it during job search or attempted to counter stereotypes about veterans. Those high in job search confidence were likely to search with more effort and intensity when they perceived employer views of veterans as more negative.More

Why we need to stop overlooking our unemployed veterans
Business Insider
While in the service, military professionals get used to having a team of people around them to help them grow professionally. Still, veterans return home to find this support has fallen away — they transition back into civilian life staring down financial instability and vast unemployment. But a new initiative aims to change that. Nonprofit GallantFew recently announced its 1kVets initiative, which aims to change the employability of 1,000 veterans using new technology, like video calling and social media. More

Our veterans need more than a day
The Fayette Tribune
America is home to 21.2 million veterans — men and women who were willing to risk their lives for our country. Unfortunately, many of these veterans face a daunting personal battle here at home: finding work. According to the Labor Department, more than 700,000 U.S. veterans currently are unemployed. This simply isn't acceptable. Our veterans have earned the opportunity to earn a living and take part in the very society they fought to defend. The most effective way to help them succeed in post-military life is through targeted efforts to extend educational opportunity. More

Back-to-school guide aids service members, veterans with brain injuries
Department of Defense
Reading, writing and arithmetic might be easier for some people than others, but for service members and veterans with traumatic brain injuries, returning to school can be challenging. Whether it's attending college, technical school or honing skills to re-enter the workplace, service members and veterans now have access to a comprehensive guide that covers topics from A to Z to help them go back to school, said Public Health Service Lt. Cmdr. Cathleen Shields, acting director of education at the Defense and Veterans Brain Injury Center.More

From the battlefield to the healthcare field: Veterans' experience
The Huffington Post
The Health Resources Services Administration celebrates the second anniversary of the Helping Veterans Become Physician Assistants Initiative. This initiative was launched by the White House in an effort to make it easier for veterans to count their military medical training to become physician assistants. The program focuses on connecting former members of the military — especially those with prior medical training and experience — with training opportunities to become PAs. More

Best colleges for veterans methodology
U.S. News & World Report
To provide military veterans with data on which top-ranked schools offer benefits to veterans and active service members that can help them pursue a college education, U.S. News has produced its inaugural Best Colleges for Veterans rankings. These rankings only include numerically ranked schools in the 2014 edition of the U.S. News Best Colleges that meet specific criteria.More

Picture mixed on rural veterans' housing
Daily Yonder
Although rural veterans, like their counterparts in metro communities, are likely to own their own houses, a third of younger veterans are burdened by the high cost of housing. Rural veterans who rent also are more likely to be burdened by housing costs. One issue may be a lack of affordable rental housing in rural areas.More

New report: Big drops in veteran, chronic homelessness
USA Today
The number of homeless veterans and people who have been homeless for at least a year significantly has dropped, according to the latest survey by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. The number of homeless veterans fell 24 percent over the past six years to 57,850 and the number of chronically homeless people decreased 25 percent to 92,590.More

The big lie about job recovery
Veterans Today
Thanks to The Economic Collapse, here's an extremely illuminating chart — The Civilian-Employment Population Ratio — produced by the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis. It depicts the true U.S. unemployment level.More

Find scholarships that help veterans pay for college
U.S. News & World Report
Many foundations, programs and colleges offer scholarships for veterans and current service members who want to attend college and earn their degree — whether it be to further their military career or embark on an entirely new path.More

After more than a decade, veterans find opportunities at home
The Huffington Post
After decades of often frustrating reliance on the massive Department of Veterans Affairs, veterans are increasingly turning homeward.More