Jan. 23, 2015

1. When is a warehouse obsolete?
Ken Ackerman
When does a building have no current value as a storage or distribution facility? Let's look at an example of how the value of a warehouse building can be almost completely destroyed. Then, we will consider some examples of ageless buildings. We will examine the notion that cross-docking can only be performed in a building specifically designed for that purpose. Finally, we will find out how technology can make an old building young again.More

2. Amazon launches army of robots for Cyber Monday shipping
Online retailer Amazon called in the cavalry for the 2014 holiday season in the form of an army of order-fulfilling robots in its warehouses. Ten Amazon warehouses in California, Washington, Texas, New Jersey and Florida each received a fleet of robots that shuffle through shelves to pick up items for shipment as people order them. More

3. 5 most overlooked warehouse hazards
Reliable Plant
Warehouses are full of undeniable hazards, with some more obvious than others. Typically, the major hazards are clearly identifiable and well-known. However, it is the lesser-known dangers that can be the deadliest, especially if you don't know what you are looking for. This article lists few common warehouse hazards that you and your staff should be careful not to overlook.More

4. Solutions to drive warehouse productivity
DC Velocity
What would it take to reduce the overall costs of labor in your warehouse or distribution center? It requires more than just software. It takes a plan and the know how to implement that plan effectively. In this webcast, Eric Hepburn, vice president of distribution center management for Penske Logistics, shares proven techniques on how to devise a labor management strategy that can make a huge impact on your distribution operations.More

5. 5 vital warehouse trends that could upend product packaging
Packaging Digest
Today's warehousing industry is changing significantly compared to 10 years ago. These shifts have the potential to impact the entire supply chain, including the packaging operations of product manufacturers.More