Feb. 25, 2010

Warehousing Industry Resources Event

More than 55 suppliers will attend the WERC 2010 Conference to meet with attendees in an educational environment. Check out who they are at the WIRE link.
Check out upcoming WERCouncil meeting in Boston.
Managing and Improving Warehouse Operations seminar, March 23 to 24, Kansas City Marriott Downtown.More

Companies going green, expecting suppliers to follow suit
Supply Chain Management Review
If your company acts as a supplier to larger corporate clients, you'd better be prepared to discuss sustainability and environmental business practices because you can bet your clients will want to. That's the message of the results of a new survey conducted by the Carbon Disclosure Project, a nonprofit organization that collects climate change data from the corporate world. The CDP conducted the survey with the help of global management consulting firm A. T. Kearney.More

Packaging companies rethink the box: The state of green business
Packaging issues have been of concern ever since the advent of "green" as a business issue. Early efforts were to create packaging from recycled or recyclable materials and then to reduce or eliminate packaging altogether. Packaging from biodegradable materials has had several false starts, probably because few packaging actually degrade in landfills or anywhere else.More

FDA warning reminds us of labeling's impact
Healthcare Packaging
Seemingly basic details, such as a product's name or the amount of drug in a tablet, can pose potential patient safety risks if that information is confusing or inaccurate, as two current examples attest. What's in a name? Plenty, according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. On Feb. 17, the agency noted that Novartis Consumer Health Inc. "agreed to change the name of Maalox Total Relief to one that does not include the word 'Maalox' and will change the drug's packaging to avoid further confusion."More

Supply Chain Q1 2010: Thoughts from the field
Supply Chain Digest
Over the last couple of weeks, I have been invited to two meetings that were related to event planning. One was for the annual Material Handling and Logistics Conference (HK Systems), another I can’t mention here yet. In the course of those meetings, which included supply chain managers and/or execs from a variety of companies, attendees offered a number of salient comments about the state of the supply chain right now in February 2010.More

How 3PLs are coping with multichannel supply chains
David Tu, president of DCL, looks at the tremendous pressures that logistics providers and their customers are facing, as they balance traditional distribution and direct-to-consumer services. More

Passenger rail initiative could give boost to freight
DC Velocity
When it comes to infrastructure improvements, logistics folks can be a skeptical lot -- and with good reason. For more than four decades, the professionals responsible for moving the materials and merchandise we all use each day repeatedly have seen their interests take a back seat to the interests of commuters and other motorists who are moving, for the most part, only themselves.More

Why RFID vendors, users speak different languages
RFID Journal
Vendors look at RFID from an engineering perspective, which often confuses end users who are trying to figure out what RFID does and how it can be used to improve the way they do business. I've been working on a special report that aims to explain the types of radio frequency identification systems, and to put them in a context that will help end users better understand the different "flavors" of the technology.More

How to avoid employee lawsuits
The Wall Street Journal
Small business owners might be surprised to learn they are vulnerable to the same worker complaints that plague corporate America. In particular, more employees are suing companies for violating wage-and-hour rules, typically claiming they weren't paid overtime. The following steps will help you avoid a potentially devastating employee lawsuit.More