Apr. 17, 2014

10 days to Conference!

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WERCouncil events

  • April 23, Utah WERCouncil GENCO & Hershey Facility Tour & Lunch, 10 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.
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    Big plans for WERC's 2014 Annual Conference
    DC Velocity
    Michael Mikitka, the CEO at Warehousing Education and Research Council, discusses some of WERC's current initiatives, and the planning for this year's annual conference at its companion WIRE exhibition.More

    Make sustainability profit's ally
    Material Handling & Logistics
    If only environmental sustainability had a proven return on investment, it would be easy being green. Corporate executives would be singing that song all day. The problem is, executives haven't always connected the dots between the green of profit and the green of environmentalism. But according to research by PricewaterhouseCoopers, they do make the connection between the green of profit and the red of high and volatile energy costs.More

    Why you need to develop a storage strategy
    By Ken Ackerman
    A surprising number of warehouse operators do no storage planning at all. In the absence of any instruction, the lift truck operator at the receiving dock will make the decision about where to store the material he or she unloads. Not surprisingly, that decision is to store the material in the first available empty spot. Storage decisions are easier if you develop a strategy that governs the location decision. A continuous storage-planning process pays dividends in improving both storage and handling productivity.More

    Become a contributing writer
    In an effort to enhance the overall content of WERCWatch, we'd like to include peer-written articles in future editions. As a member of WERC, your knowledge of the industry lends itself to unprecedented expertise. And we're hoping you'll share this expertise with your peers through well-written commentary. Because of the digital format, there's no word or graphical limit. Our group of talented editors can help with final edits. If you're interested in participating, please contact Ronnie Richard to discuss logistics.More

    Winds of change in logistics
    DC Velocity
    It's been a busy spring in the world of logistics. Some very significant events are afoot, which could have profound effects on the way businesses operate in the not-very-distant future. Many of those are deliberate efforts by businesses to revamp the way they deliver products to customers. Others are thrust upon logistics managers.More

    How to discuss pay with your employees
    Harvard Business Review
    Talking about money with your employees can be uncomfortable. Even when you've got good news to share — a generous bonus or a well-deserved promotion — assigning a number to the value of someone's work is tough. It's especially difficult if you're not the one calling the shots (most managers don't set their own compensation budgets). Whether it's your decision or not, one thing is certain: it's a critical part of a manager's job to have frank and open discussions with employees about pay.More

    April port traffic to jump 6.1 percent
    Material Handling & Logistics
    The major U.S. retail container ports will see a 6.1 percent rise in import volume this month, according to the monthly Global Port Tracker report released by the National Retail Federation and Hackett Associates. "With winter over, retailers are stocking up in anticipation of a busy spring and summer," said Jonathan Gold, NRF's vice president for supply chain and customs policy. "Consumers can expect plentiful supplies of merchandise."More

    Big plans for WERC's 2014 Annual Conference
    DC Velocity
    Michael Mikitka, the CEO at Warehousing Education and Research Council, discusses some of WERC's current initiatives, and the planning for this year's annual conference at its companion WIRE exhibition.More

    It's 11 p.m. — Do you know where your pallets are?
    DC Velocity
    It is far too easy for pallets to "leak" out of a supply chain. A pallet misplaced in the distribution center here. One never returned from a customer there. Another used for an in-store display. Yet another stuck "temporarily" in an offsite warehouse and then forgotten.More

    4 steps to effective performance management
    By D. Albert Brannen
    Getting the most out of employees has always challenged employers. It is particularly difficult in today's highly regulated business environment with increased global competition and changing employee attitudes.More

    Direct communication can dispel fears associated with operational changes
    Supply Chain Digest
    When planning improvement projects, in addition to solving all of the highly technical design and business related issues, addressing worker considerations upfront can improve project success. Operational improvement projects, especially those that include automation, no matter how well intentioned they may be, can run up against resistance from those employees whose jobs will be affected. The "FUD factor" (fear, uncertainly and doubt) can impede progress and when left unchecked jeopardize project success.More

    Gratitude is the new willpower
    Harvard Business Review
    Patience is a virtue, especially when it comes to building capital. But as with most virtues, it's not always easy to muster, since it usually requires resisting temptations for gratification on the sooner side.More