Apr. 23, 2015

Tips to remember when attending the WERC Conference

Attending the WERC 38th Annual Conference, May 3-6 in Orlando? Here are a few tips to make your conference experience even better:

Feeling left out because you didn't register to attend? There's still time ... go to werc.org/2015.

WERC local events that you might want to consider attending:
May 3-6 * 2015 WERC Conference - Orlando, FL *
May 7 (save the date) Indianapolis WERCouncil Lids Facility Tour
May 18 S. California WERCouncil 9th Annual WERC Golf Outing
May 21 North Texas WERCouncil Crown Lift Trucks Tour
June 4 North Carolina WERCouncil Amazon Tour

Total cost of ownership: The challenge of effective supply chain management
By Frank Wilhelm
Companies are always looking for creative ways to reduce costs and expand profit margins. In some cases, new and innovative approaches are employed. In others, proven but overlooked techniques are being resurrected and applied. The impact of total cost of ownership upon cost reduction and profit elevation among capital-intensive industries is quite significant, yet this approach has been largely missed. Many industries would benefit greatly from the adoption of this concept.More

Protecting workers in international supply chain
Material Handling & Logistics
Starting with a need to educate consumers to shop ethically, a new study, the "2015 Australian Fashion Report," graded companies based on their policies, supply chain traceability, monitoring programs and worker rights. "It doesn't take much for the end-consumer to make a difference to the lives of those making our clothes," said Gershon Nimbalker, advocacy manager at Baptist World Aid, the group that conducted the research.More

Improve safety and productivity by addressing employee mental health
The recent tragic plane crash in the French Alps has brought mental health issues front and center for many employers. While most employees are not in safety-sensitive positions, their psychological state nevertheless has significant impact. Beyond the obvious — the safety and well-being of the individual co-workers — are organizational factors like cost and productivity.More

Machines are finally earning their way in the connected supply chain
Supply & Demand Chain Executive
Some say that the digital revolution marked the end of the machine age. But the reality is that the Internet and digital communications are taking machines to entirely new levels of interaction, productivity and usefulness. Humans started it. First, we built machines to manufacture and handle goods. More

Trucking group renews call for national speed limit for trucks
DC Velocity
For the second time in nine years, the American Trucking Associations has asked the Department of Transportation to establish a rule requiring electronic speed limiters on all large trucks to be set no higher than 65 miles per hour. ATA, which represents the nation's largest trucking companies, first petitioned the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration in 2006 to mandate that trucks with a gross vehicle weight of 26,000 pounds or more have their speed limiters fixed so their drivers can go no faster than 65 mph. More

IoT to deliver $1.9 billion logistics boost
Supply Chain Standard
The Internet of Things will deliver a $1.9 trillion boost to supply chain and logistics operations, according to a report by DHL and Cisco Consulting Services. "We believe the Internet of Things will be a primary enabler of a global transformation," said DHL's Ken Allen. The report estimates that there will be 50 billion devices connected to the Internet by 2020 compared to 15 billion today and examines the potential impact this will have on business.More

12 risks that can disrupt modern supply chains
Modern supply chains are characterized by close integration of suppliers with purchasing organizations, where suppliers are viewed as strategic partners who enable clients to add scale and capabilities, become more efficient and drive innovation. Therefore, it is not a surprise that supplier risk management is getting increased attention from the CPO's office. More

Survey: Supplier collaboration key to business success
Supply Management
The vast majority of procurement professionals believe that collaborating with suppliers improves business, according to research. A study of financial, procurement and procure-to-pay professionals working in large businesses, by e-invoicing provider Tradeshift, found that 92 percent of respondents believe supplier collaboration is essential to driving value in the business. More