Jul. 9, 2015

DC Measures — Valuable data that your company cannot afford to miss out on

With 45 key operational metrics that are valuable and meaningful to distribution center professionals, DC Measures 2015 contains metrics that can help produce the best return for your company. These measures have been grouped into five balanced sets: customer, operational, financial, capacity/quality and employee/safety - plus the additional sets related to perfect order and cash-to-cash cycle measurement (SO VALUABLE!) Download your copy right now!

2016 WERC CONFERENCE CALL FOR PROPOSALS: Here's your chance to make a difference. The Conference Committee is currently seeking proposals that provide practical, real-world information that attendees can immediately apply in their everyday jobs. We invite you to submit your presentation proposal. Click here to make a difference. >>

WERC local events that you should consider attending:
07/14 Baltimore/Wash DC WERCouncil Penguin Random House Tour
07/14 Northern California WERCouncil's Mid-Summer Mixer & Membership Drive
07/30 Northern California WERCouncil's Lagunitas Brewery Tour
08/05 Columbus WERCouncil 2nd Annual Presentation on "Labor in the DC"
05/15-18 ' 16 SAVE THE DATE: 2016 WERC Conference - Providence, RI

Does inventory leanness impact performance?
Lean management programs are no longer restricted to a narrow segment of manufacturing companies. A wide range of medium-sized and large companies from different industries have deployed, to varying degrees, lean management programs. While the initial deployment of lean management principles in the United States focused on copying the Toyota Production System's Just-In-Time concepts and practices, by the 2000s, several large firms began to introduce their own lean management systems. One of the central assumptions of the lean management efforts is that a leaner inventory level is better. More

Marketing your warehouse magic
Ken Ackerman
Some managers believe warehousing is a task that can be handled adequately by anyone with a strong back. Therefore, the business of warehousing service is in constant danger of becoming a commodity. Commodities normally are sold by price, with few vendors recognizing special features about the product they are selling.More

How to optimize warehouse space when you can't expand
Industrial Distribution
It's a good and a bad problem to have: your warehouse space is shrinking. It typically indicates booming sales and backlogs — and it certainly beats the alternative of having an empty warehouse and idle employees — though it's not without its challenges. A booming warehouse is easy to clutter and mismanage, and oftentimes, you aren't quite ready to expand outward and find new space. Here are a few tips for making the most of the warehouse space you have.More

Supply chain risks and how to deal with them
Business 2 Community
Supply chains provide an efficient method for helping many different companies to run as smoothly as possible. With being unable to control every element of the supply chain within your business, this does bring an element of risk into the process. Even the sections under your control are also open to risk, and this can have a minor or major impact upon the company, depending on its line of business and size. More

How to prepare for a warehouse technology upgrade
Food Logistics
As companies consider implementing new technology solutions in the warehouse, they are going to want to consider how it performs in five key areas, according to Keith Phillips, president and CEO of Voxware. In an article in the June Food Logistics, Phillips notes that experts predict that retail will evolve more over the next five years that it did over the last 100.More

The right software creates a more sophisticated supply chain
Manufacturing Business Technology
The past was a simpler time for distribution operations. Technology was relatively straightforward. The supply chain wasn't "always on." There was no such thing as omni-channel distribution. However, today the supply chain is a lot more sophisticated — by necessity. Technological advancements and improvements have ushered in a new era. More

4 ways to build character through challenges
Michael S. Haro, Ph.D.
Challenges are nothing more than conditions over which we have little to no control. When they occur, it's not the condition that stops us. It's how we decide to manage it, or let it manage us. Actively asking ourselves, "What can be done?" directs behavior, allowing us to manage as best we can. When we do what we can do, managing becomes a personal adjustment. Following through with "what we can do" makes us successful and meaningful.More

2015 Software Usage Survey: The pursuit of supply chain compatibility
Modern Materials Handling
The journey of supply chain software has seen more hills than valleys in recent years as competitive pressures spur adoption of modern, integrated platforms. Having installed or updated warehouse management, labor or transportation systems, users and suppliers of all sizes are now looking to unify these systems.More