Jul. 30, 2015

Help WERC make 2016 the year of growth!

WERC Conference's unique programming can only come from thought leaders and industry insiders who look to shape the future of logistics. For 2016, WERC once again wants to make an even stronger impact with industry attendees. Can you help make the 2016 Conference the most relevant conference of the year?

The 2016 WERC Conference Committee is currently seeking proposals that provide practical, real-world information that attendees can immediately apply to their everyday jobs. YOUR ideas, YOUR experiences, YOUR knowledge... can help shape the industry for years to come. Be a part of the future of Warehousing, Distribution and Fulfillment. Click here to submit your presentation proposal! >>

Local WERC events you should consider attending:
07/30 Northern California WERCouncil's Lagunitas Brewery Tour
08/05 Columbus WERCouncil 2nd Annual Presentation on "Labor in the DC"
08/19 Utah WERCouncil - 1-800 CONTACTS Distribution Center Tour
08/25 Washington WERCouncil - Trojan Litho Facility Tour & Networking Event
05/15-18/16 SAVE THE DATE: 2016 WERC Conference - Providence, RI

Unions pose a continuing threat to warehouses
By Ken Ackerman
The inauguration of President Barack Obama in 2009 gave the U.S. its most union-friendly president since Harry Truman left the White House nearly 60 years ago. This has led to a boost in union activity throughout the country. Assuming you are union-free and want to stay that way, you face an environment that is more hostile than any seen in decades. Let's take a look at how warehouse managers can react when facing a union-organizing campaign.More

5 best practices for ADA compliance
Employee Benefit News (commentary)
Although the Americans with Disabilities Act has been in effect for 25 years, many employers still struggle with how to comply with the law and how to best help employees with disabilities perform their job duties. Adding to the challenge are the regulations passed by the Equal Employment Opportunity Committee four years ago to implement the ADA Amendments Act. More

Can a DC have high picking rates with low picking productivity?
Supply Chain Digest
Productivity isn't everything, but in the long run it is almost everything. A company's ability to improve its profit margin over time depends almost entirely on its ability to raise its output per worker. However, it can be a misleading metric especially when evaluating a specific function such as order picking.More

A focus on strong logistics data quality never gets old
Modern Materials Handling
Contributor Jeff Berman writes: "Roughly eight years ago, I wrote a story based on a report by Adrian Gonzalez, president at Adelante SCM and Founder/Host of Talking Logistics, based on a report he wrote while at ARC Advisory Group, entitled 'The Next Big Thing in Logistics.' At the outset of the report, Gonzalez was blunt in explaining that when it comes to defining what exactly the next big thing in logistics was, his simple answer was: 'I don't know.'"More

Choosing the right warehouse for your needs
SHD Logistics
Before you choose a distribution warehouse to partner with, you have to consider a number of important factors that can either make or break the deal, according to New York-based International Warehouse Group. After all, you're trusting this company to ship and store all of your business' products. Choosing a poor distribution warehouse can seriously impair your ability to deliver quality service and ensure the proper delivery of your goods. More

Transparency is the new visibility
Today's consumers want to know where their order is at every point in the supply chain and that requires more than supply chain visibility, says Nancy Marino, partner at Columbus Consulting, whose clients are mostly retailers. This means using technology to focus the performance of independent silos on corporate KPIs, thus improving performance, she says.More

5 ways to be more mindful — and less stressed — at work
U.S. News & World Report
We all feel overwhelmed. Whether it's every day, several times a week or less often, when the feeling hits, it seems like you're losing control. The immediate availability of information thanks to all kinds of technology at our fingertips can make us feel like we have to respond to everything right away. Text messages, emails, calendar invites and calls pile up and seem as if they need instant attention, and we quickly begin to feel behind. Then more gets added to our plate, and – just like that – we are engulfed by tasks.More

2 reports highlight top supply chain sustainability trends, opportunities
Eliminating supply chain risk is the primary driver for sustainability initiatives and industry collaboration is the biggest opportunity according to a recent report published by Ethical Corporation titled “ Sustainable Supply Chain Trends 2015. ” The report features insight from 415 CSR and supply chain professionals primarily based in Europe, North America and Asia Pacific.More