Aug. 13, 2015

Call for Conference Proposals submission deadline extended

We've extended our Call for Conference Proposals submission deadline (now Aug. 14)! Help shape the future of Logistics! The 2016 WERC Conference Committee is currently seeking proposals that provide practical, real-world information that attendees can immediately apply to their everyday jobs. Be a part of the future of Warehousing, Distribution and Fulfillment.

Click here for more info and to submit your presentation proposal! >>

Local WERC events happening in your area:
08/19 Indianapolis WERCouncil Monarch Beverage's DC Tour
08/19 Utah WERCouncil - 1-800 CONTACTS Distribution Center Tour
08/25 Washington WERCouncil - Trojan Litho Facility Tour & Networking Event
08/28 Atlanta WERCouncil 6th Annual Golf Outing
05/15-18/16 SAVE THE DATE: 2016 WERC Conference - Providence, RI

Infographic: Is your WMS working as hard as you are?
Supply Chain Digital
Many warehouse managers feel that the most mistakes come from things such as stock replenishment, picking and inventory control. These are issues that can potentially be made more efficient by having an effective warehouse management system. Here is some valuable advice from Eric Carter, Solutions Architect at Indigo, on what to consider when choosing the right warehouse management system for your business needs.More

7 core competencies essential for supply chain leadership success
Supply Chain 24/7
The latest findings from APICS Supply Chain Council in its industry report, "Supply Chain Leadership Report: Many Styles Generate Success," examines critical success factors of a supply chain leader, including his or her attributes, leadership style and ability to formally and informally influence a multitude of stakeholders. Compiled from multiple sources, including surveys of APICS members, articles and external research, the purpose of the newly released report is to convey a knowledge and skills blueprint for current and future supply chain leaders.More

Online sales leading toward smaller, urban warehouses
The Wall Street Journal
E-commerce retailers are starting to add smaller, urban warehouses to their supply chains as the pace of online shopping and delivery transforms distribution demands. In a report, analysts with real-estate brokerage firm CBRE Inc. say demand for existing industrial structures under 200,000 square feet and located in the midst of high-population urban zones could soon go up. More

10 things you should never do when giving employee feedback
Everybody tells you that your employees need feedback, but what they don't tell you is that doing it wrong can be worse than not doing it at all. Here are 10 things you should never do when you need to tell an employee how he or she is doing.More

Driver shortage: What warehouse managers should do
By Ken Ackerman
For more than two years now, we have seen a growing discussion about the driver shortage problem, but relatively little about solutions. Most of the issues are motor carrier issues, and unless your company is involved in both trucking and warehousing, there is little you can do about these. However, as a warehouse operator, there are a number of things you can do to be sure the driver shortage does not impact your ability to be well served by common carriers.More

10 ways employers drive talent away
Nearly every organization has a mission statement on the wall or a paragraph in its employee handbook that says "We value talent. Our employees are our greatest asset." People write these words and they don’t realize that they don’t mean them. They don't live by the words they wrote. The lofty statements about talent aren't true for the people who work in their offices and factories. Actions speak louder than words.More

7 ways big data redefines supply chain management
Small Business Computing
Business both large and small will never be the same thanks to big data. It continues to revolutionize business processes with more insights and deeper intelligence shared across all business avenues. One of the areas where this data has the most influence is in supply chain management.More

The annual performance evaluation goes under review
Bob Kowalski
It is the one workplace occurrence that employees and their supervisors approach with the same discomfort. Performance evaluations are intended to broaden communication between supervisors and subordinates, as well as provide direction and motivation for the worker. But we've all seen the real-life effects of the annual (or more frequent) reviews, resulting in dreadful anticipation, no matter on which level of the office hierarchy you sit.More

Survey highlights barriers to wellness program participation
Safety+Health Magazine
Some workers may not participate in workplace wellness programs because they are concerned about their privacy, and many may not even be aware of their employer's program, according to a survey conducted by consulting firm Brodeur Partners. Researchers found that half of the workers surveyed cited privacy concerns as the reason for not participating in wellness programs. More