Aug. 20, 2015

WERC announces 2016 WERC Conference Committee

Meet the 2016 WERC Conference Committee! WERC's talented team of industry experts are already working on and eager to showcase their unique solutions that attendees-actual practitioners-expect from the annual WERC conference each year. We welcome these thought leaders and subject matter experts responsible for the most innovative ideas and best practices available, which will be showcased at the WERC 38th Annual Conference for Logistics Professionals, May 15-18, 2016.

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Local WERC events happening in your area:
08/25 Washington WERCouncil - Trojan Litho Facility Tour & Networking Event
08/28 Atlanta WERCouncil 6th Annual Golf Outing
09/11 Michigan WERCouncil Tour of Cleveland Indians DC/Ballgame: Indians vs. Tigers
10/13 North Texas WERCouncil 14th Annual Warehousing Resource Convention
05/15-18/16 SAVE THE DATE: 2016 WERC Conference - Providence, RI

How to keep the warehouse safety magic alive
Manufacturing Business Technology
When Serena Williams earned her sixth Wimbledon title earlier this summer, she didn't just become the oldest woman to win a major tennis tournament in the open era. She also became an inspiration to those of us who spearhead warehouse safety programs across the country. Like Serena, many safety programs have been around for years and racked up several major victories along the way. However, like her, our programs are also getting "up there" — and that's not necessarily an advantage in an arena where gaining maturity can mean losing your edge.More

5 steps to providing constructive criticism
At some point, we've all watched in horror as our co-worker completely messed up a project, then turned to us to ask, "So, how did I do?" In these situations, once we overcome that initial desire to answer a nonexistent phone call, we are faced with a decision: Tell them the truth, in whatever brusque, critical manner we are thinking it, or try to help out via constructive feedback.More

Traceability 2.0: How cloud services will change supply chains
There is no shortage of business services out there promising to help manage orders across complex webs of suppliers. But far fewer resources provide the degree of supply chain transparency or traceability data sought by corporate sustainability managers. One obvious exception is Sourcemap — a company that started life as a research project at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The upstart has worked closely with companies such as Office Depot, which is pushing for more transparency regarding the source of paper supplies, and yogurt maker Stonyfield, a founding client.More

A bright future, if you train for it
Procurement Leaders
Here we are in the waning days of August, often the hottest month in parts of the U.S. It used to be that this was a slow time in business as everyone tried to get their vacations in before the calendar pages turn to September and business energy picks up. Of course, that's not so true anymore. There really is no downtime now. Still, this is as good a time as any to reflect on where we are in business and where we want to be. CPOs and other procurement executives have a wealth of reports they can review to measure their organizations against others.More

Sitting may be killing us, but standing all day is just as bad
Cait Harrison
We know sitting all day in an office chair is killing us, and there's no shortage of stories in the news telling us so. And while you should limit sitting, standing for long periods isn't that much better, according to a new study. The research, published in Human Factors, the Journal of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society, found that workers who stood all day experienced significant muscle fatigue, regardless of age and gender.More

Google Glass helps warehouse workers see better
Modern Material Handling & Logistics
"Vision picking" will become a reality in two U.S. warehouses later this year. Exel, the North American arm of Deutsche Post DHL Group's supply chain management business, will be testing the method of replacing handheld scanners and paper job orders with wearable "smart-glass" devices outfitted with warehouse management software, as reported by Robbie Whelan on Dow Jones Business News.More

Amazon's data-driven approach becoming more common
The Associated Press via Industrial Distribution
A New York Times article recently portrayed Amazon's work culture as "bruising" and "Darwinian" in part because of the way it uses data to manage its staff. The article depicted a work culture where staffers are under constant pressure to deliver strong results on a wide variety of detailed metrics the company monitors in real time — such as what gets abandoned in peoples shopping carts and what videos people stream — and encouraged to report praise or criticism about colleagues to management to add to more data about workers performance. The story led to an outcry on social media.More

How globalization challenges safety in the food supply chain
Food Logistics
Globalization has created gaps in safety in the food supply chain and as a result, recalls are increasing. Food production, warehousing, transportation and supply chain technology have all evolved to close these gaps, but it has taken the supply chain time to identify all of its vulnerabilities and to get up to speed on the tools being introduced.More

How to make doing what you love more lucrative
Fast Company
In the popular view of the labor market, there are two kinds of careers. Some are well-paid but soul crushing. Others are fun, creative, meaningful—and pay sums that will keep you in your parents' basement for the rest of your life. No matter how closely your profession is associated with poverty, you can still ask for a raise. "Most of the time people just assume that's how much they should just keep getting paid for doing this thing," says Adrienne Dorison, an Alabama-based coach. More