Sep. 4, 2014

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  • Sept. 23, Indianapolis WERCouncil Breakfast & Expert Panel Discussion-Labor Dynamics in Central Indiana, 7:30 to 9 a.m.
  • Oct. 8, North Texas WERCouncil 13th Annual Warehouse Resource Convention, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.
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    3 ways to consolidate and centralize warehousing power
    Material Handling & Logistics
    After a period of economic downturn, many companies are beginning to recover and experience business growth again. While some warehousing organizations believe the next logical step in growth is to expand and establish new sites, others are realizing that less is actually more by consolidating and centralizing operations.More

    Managing brands through effective supply chain management
    From banners to jerseys, flags to face paint, the World Cup illustrated just how important a brand is for firing up fans. As brands come to mean more to everyday consumers, so, too, do the processes — from procurement to distribution — needed to fulfill a brand's promise.More

    Pitfalls in logistics partnerships
    By Ken Ackerman
    Four decades have passed since a logistics magazine published an article about how the relationship between the public warehouse operator and the customer should be one of partnerships. In the next issue of the magazine, a letter to the editor contained an angry response for the author, a logistics service provider. The writer of the letter was a manufacturing executive who was also former editor of the magazine. His attack ended with these words: "The public warehouseman is no more in partnership with his customer than a corpse is in partnership with the mortician." Have we made any progress in the last 40 years?More

    Inside the shortage of US truck drivers
    From deliveries of online shopping orders to massive pieces of equipment, the open road and trucking help drive the U.S. economy. Autonomous cars and drones may be on the horizon, but trucks — with drivers — still haul and deliver goods to doorsteps. There's just one problem. America has more open trucking jobs than available commercial drivers.More

    Become a contributing writer
    In an effort to enhance the overall content of WERCWatch, we'd like to include peer-written articles in future editions. As a member of WERC, your knowledge of the industry lends itself to unprecedented expertise. And we're hoping you'll share this expertise with your peers through well-written commentary. Because of the digital format, there's no word or graphical limit. Our group of talented editors can help with final edits. If you're interested in participating, please contact Ronnie Richard to discuss logistics.More

    FTZs continue to drive US exports
    Logistics Management
    The value of exports from America's Foreign-Trade Zones increased by 13.7 percent in 2013, to a record high $79.5 billion in merchandise exported, according to figures released by the U.S. Foreign-Trade Zones Board in its Annual Report to Congress. At $835.8 billion, the 2013 value of received merchandise into FTZs also reached a new high, surpassing the previous year's record.More

    The 5 characteristics of world-class procurement organizations
    Supply Chain Digest
    Top-performing procurement organizations drive substantially more value for their companies than do average performers. That's one of the key takeaways from the latest research report from a trio of experts at The Hackett Group, a consulting and services firm with a focus on procurement. More