Sep. 6, 2012

Track Your Stats

A tool available exclusively to WERC members, the "Track Your Stats" application, utilizes the data collected from the 2012 DC Measures survey to provide a performance comparison with the metrics of the distribution operations of other businesses. Within our user-friendly interface, members begin by inputting each metric as a percentage or numerical value, which are then calculated and displayed on a chart that shows how each measure up to the industry norms. Try it out today.

WERCouncil Events

  • Sept. 14, Columbus WERCouncil Kenco/Whirpool Distribution Center Tour, 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.
  • Sept. 18, North Carolina WERCouncil BSN Medical Facility Tour, noon to 3 p.m.
  • Sept. 18, Michigan WERCouncil Classic Transportation and Warehousing Tour, 5:30 to 8 p.m.
  • Sept. 19, Michigan WERCouncil-Distribution Costing For Profitability, 5:30 to 8 p.m.
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    Cutting supply chain costs is top priority
    Logistics Manager
    Supply chain managers regard pressure to reduce costs as the top trend over the next five years, according to a European logistics occupier survey by Jones Lang LaSalle. Costs accounted for 71 percent of responses while 61 percent identified speed of change in consumer markets as a top trend — ahead of growth in Internet retail at 39 percent.More

    9 technologies will transform supply chain over coming decade
    Supply Chain Standard
    There are nine technologies that will transform supply chain management with 10 years, according to Gartner. And three of them will have an impact in the next two to five years. These include analytical in-memory database management systems, price optimization and RFID for logistics and transport, according to Gartner's "Hype Cycle for Supply Chain Management" which outlines 61 SCM technologies at different stages of development.More

    Survey: Regulation tops list of supply chain concerns
    SupplyChain Review
    Sixty-five percent of health care executives globally cite regulatory compliance as their No. 1 supply chain concern, a survey finds. The United Parcel Service Pain in the Chain survey, conducted by research company TNS, reveals cost management comes in second, cited by 60 percent of executives as their top supply chain issue.More

    Is your supply chain intelligent enough?
    Supply & Demand Chain Executive
    In today's constantly changing environment, it's evident that companies need access to key data and metrics to meet customer demands, grow and stand out from their competitors. And perhaps this holds true even more so for businesses directly involved with their supply chain processes — those that are geared to obtain competitive intelligence, maintain contractual compliance, connect buyers with suppliers, generate sales leads and conduct market research, all to help grow their businesses and maintain efficiencies throughout their entire network.More

    Hurricane Isaac: Lessons for the global supply chain
    As Hurricane Isaac pounded the Gulf Coast recently, several major ports were forced to shut down. When disruptions like this happen, business is impacted in several ways. First, companies have to re-route carefully orchestrated supply lines, which adds days and extra logistics costs. More importantly, companies must scramble, without good information, to get the right inventory to the right place at the right time. Failure to do so means empty shelves, assembly line shutdowns, lost profits and unhappy customers.More

    Make the move to green without moving your warehouse
    Supply Chain Digital
    Supply chain professionals are currently doing all they can to make their business greener, yet a number of companies still can't afford to relocate to new, more energy efficient premises. With green energy generation often too large an investment, and new premises often too expensive, companies often give up at the first hurdle, however there are a number of small scale investments that can be made at warehouses that can make all the difference.More

    Supply chain transformation
    Independent Retailer
    Compared to other retail functions, supply chain tends to evolve more slowly. It's not that innovation is slow, but more that the pieces involved in supply chain tend to be less flexible than in other parts of the business. Unfortunately, retail supply chain's history of evolutionary style changes is running headlong into retail's transformation under the pressures of a global economy and cross-channel consumers. More

    How truck overhauls are saving Staples, UPS carbon and cash
    Without trucks, the supply chain would screech to a halt. Yet, the rising cost of fueling these workhorses, not to mention the toll truck emissions take on the environment and public health, are forcing shippers and carriers alike to retool their fleets. How high are the costs? Many trucking and logistics firms believe that without drastic changes in their energy demands, the costs of fuel and inefficiency could drive them out of business. More

    How to predict the true cost to serve your customers
    There are two components to calculating the financial return. One is the revenue component and one is the cost component. On the revenue side we have planning and demand forecasting systems to try and predict the incremental revenue component associated with the products we are looking to buy. But we don't have good systems to predict the true incremental cost to serve our customers. That's a big problem.More

    Medtronic details benefits and path to success with inventory optimization software
    Supply Chain Digest
    Inventory optimization software is one of the most powerful technology tools available today for companies to "right size" inventory levels across multiple tiers of the supply chain. But IO is still relatively little understood by many companies and supply chain managers, leaving it as still something of a niche software category — which is too bad, as IO is delivering substantial benefits to the many companies that have embraced the tools. That said, implementing inventory optimization in a smart way is critical to delivering the value that IO is capable of creating.More