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Apr. 15, 2015

When it comes to female characters, video game realism is worth fighting for
Nowadays, creating video game characters is no small task. Rather than create geometric graphics and rely on pixels, we use facial and body scanning to map out realistic expressions and motion, along with advanced computer graphic imaging to bring the human (or otherwise) face into full three-dimensional realization. This technology has come so far that there are now some video games that are so lifelike, they can be confused for movies (L.A. Noire, Heavy Rain, Last of Us, to name a few). This new movement is called gaming realism — and it's a major part of popular video games today.More

2015 LA Games Conference is coming back on May 6!

Women in Games International
On May 6, join keynote speakers Dan Brody (VP of Business Development of Tencent), Ted Schilowitz (VR Creator & Futurist of 20th Century Fox and CinemaVangelist of Barco) and Rob Pardo (Former CCO of Blizzard Entertainment and Lead Designer of WoW) as well as executives from Electronic Arts, Twitch, Rovio, SGN, Zynga, Glu Mobile and more influential decision-makers in the digital media industry at Digital Media Wire's Annual LA Games Conference to network, do deals and share ideas about the future of games and connected entertainment!

Held in the iconic Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, LA Games Conference (LAGC) is a favorite among game, media and investment leaders for the high energy, focused environment for networking, meetings and deal-making. Featuring two tracks with fireside chats, roundtables, panels and presentations on digital game investment, creation, distribution, marketing and monetization, the event brings together many of the elite in the industry for top sessions and power networking. Save 15% when you register with code WIGI15 at www.lagamesconference.com.More

How a small game studio almost made it big
One week in early February, three top employees from the independent game studio Darkside Games flew to Redmond, Washington for a secret meeting with Microsoft. Over the course of the meeting, which lasted two days, Darkside's leadership tried to convince the mega-corporation to give them a few more million dollars, but Microsoft wouldn't budge. As they flew back to Florida, Darkside's leads were pessimistic about the negotiations working out, and sure enough, the next week, they got a phone call: it was all over. Shortly afterward, Darkside laid off all of its staff. So just what happened? How does a successful independent studio go from working on top AAA games to laying off its staff in just under a year?More

The latest gaming trends from the BIGGEST App gurus @ AppsWorldNA

Gaming World Conference @ Apps World North America is back for another EPIC year of gaming, partying and networking. Register for a FREE pass here.

Join us at this amazing gaming conference on May 12-13, at the Moscone Center in San Francisco and learn from the BIGGEST names in the market including: King, Microsoft, Machine Zone, Rovio, Zynga, Firefly Games, Flow State Media, Google uCool, SGN, plus many more.

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Calling all Gaming Start-Ups! Register for your free start-up pod by April 27 and receive your own dedicated pod space in our Indie Gaming Village. Meet investors, show off your developer skills and have fun at the No. 1 Apps event in North America. Register for a free start pod here.More

Video games need fewer 'sexy' women and more you can actually fancy
The Guardian
Those of us attracted to men have a fairly varied selection of looks and personalities to choose from in video games, because male characters generally have more going on than skimpy armor and gravity-defying body parts. Sure, you're probably over-catered for if you like, say, cynical young guys with buzz cuts and tribal tattoos, or grizzled cops or soldiers or space marines with gigantic chips on their muscular shoulders. But if you're interested in women who offer more than titillation, the search is more trying. More

How a business plan can help your mobile game business
Mobile gaming is hot right now and as the most accessible vertical within gaming, it is the perfect venue for new games and for new game companies. Though there are many new mobile game businesses springing up, not all of them actually take the time to write a business plan. Traditional wisdom dictates that a business plan's only purpose is to show potential investors or lenders that you do have a direction you intend to follow. However, the truth is that every mobile game business can benefit from a business plan.More

Volunteer for WIGI Seattle Chapter
Women in Games International
We are looking for an individual to take on a key role as Chapter Lead for the Seattle chapter. Responsibilities include collaboration with the WIGI Executive Team and organizing the monthly WIGI WAM mixer. The WIGI Executive Team will aid the Chapter Lead in reaching our network and working toward building a chapter board of directors.

Contact Krissie King for more information.More

Automated deployment of your game
Most of the time, when creating a game as a hobby or in an indie setting, creating the installer and making it available on your website is a last minute decision or an afterthought, once the game is finished and ready for release. It is normal to bundle the game and its assets within a simple zip file, or worse, a "WinRAR" file, requiring the player to possibly install extra third-party software to even start to play your game. Generally, this is acceptable during initial testing, but as the game becomes more popular, or you just want to appeal to a wider audience, wrapping your game in a friendly installer can make the difference between a download or a drive-by visitor. More

I Make Games — video channel providing female role models in game development
Women in Games International and International Game Developers Association

Research shows that middle school girls are interested in developing video games, but they often lose confidence as they get older. Role models can make a difference. I Make Games is a new campaign sponsored by WIGI and IGDA to provide female role models in game development.

Our goal is to cultivate a YouTube channel that female game developers are continually adding to, with their own stories about game development. We are reaching out to developers, asking them to help seed the channel with videos. Please check out imakegamesproject.com to see the research, and learn how to create your own videos for the channel.More

10 most offensive portrayals of women in video games this decade (so far)
For every strong and empowering female lead in a game, there's still a number of lazy and two-dimensional portrayals of the fairer sex lurking around somewhere. Be they total fodder in the background, or a garish and offensive portrayal designed for little more than ogling and objectifying, some games have rekindled a worrying taste for violence against woman, sexualization of vulnerable girls and the notion that they're all either here to entertain or inconvenience the game's males.More

What can game designers learn about balance from other games?
Balance is a buzzword among strategy gamers. What does balance mean to the gaming world? It means for a game to be balanced, it should include multiple viable strategies for victory. No one wants to play a game where there are 10 strategies, but only one is able to produce a victory; that's boring.More