WSF Mountain Minutes
Mar. 19, 2013

Spotting bighorn sheep in the San Gabriels
LA Observed
Brenda Rees of the website SoCal Wild joined a volunteer outing to count bighorn sheep in the eastern San Gabriel Mountains. There are believed to be more than 400 sheep in the range, an increase since a 2003 fire cleared out thick old-growth brush. She saw snow and braved a cold wind for hours, but it wasn't until the end of the day that her group spotted a small herd.More

Midwest Chapter of Wild Sheep Foundation to offer 1st auctioned South Dakota sheep tag
Midwest Chapter of Wild Sheep Foundation
For many, a coveted bighorn sheep tag is the holy grail of big game hunting. The Midwest Chapter of the Wild Sheep Foundation would have to agree and will, in fact, be auctioning off their own "holy grail" at the upcoming Chapter Banquet, held on March 23 in Minnetonka, Minn., where one adventurous winner will walk away with the first auctioned South Dakota sheep tag available to a resident or nonresident.More

28th Annual Bighorn Sheep Banquet and Fundraiser
Idaho Wild Sheep
Idaho WSF has a really exciting auction item listed. This collection is limited and the best part is the proceeds will be divided between supporting wild sheep in Idaho and a local youth shooting sports group to be determined. Make your plans to attend the Idaho WSF Banquet in 2013.More

Keeping bighorn sheep safe
With so many deer running around, they frequently cross the highway at the wrong time and end up as road kill. Not much can be done about that. But the North Dakota Game and Fish Department has taken steps to keep a small number of big horn sheep in the state out of harm's way. A dozen sheep have been moved from an area just east of Highway 85 to a spot 25 miles southwest. At least six bighorns have been killed by vehicles since 2010. The population has been declining and a primary reason has been car collisions. Game and Fish wants to save these animals before another one is hit.More

Youths round up critters at varmint hunt
Abilene Reporter-News
Plenty of varmints were rounded up at the annual youth varmint hunt, sponsored by Texas Outdoor C.H.I.L.D. Teams, which had to include an adult, were broken into divisions: kids through fourth-grade, fifth- to eighth-graders and ninth- to 12th-graders. Only youth were allowed to hunt.More

Hunter wins damaged lion case
IOL News
An American hunter has won compensation after the carcass of a lion he killed in South Africa was damaged during transportation, the Sunday Times reports. Dennis Danner had spent R2 million to go hunting with his 14-year-old son and son-in-law, on a private reserve near Port Elizabeth. However when their "trophies" arrived in the U.S. eight months later, parts of the two male lions' bodies had been damaged.More

Where to plan a hunt on the Dark Continent
Outdoor Life
For more than a century, Africa has been the dream destination for many hunters, including such notables as Theodore Roosevelt and Ernest Hemingway. A young Frederic Courtenay Selous was so enthralled by the idea of hunting Africa that when the director at his boarding school in England found the boy asleep on the floor of his room and asked why he wasn't in bed Selous replied, "I'm toughening my back to sleep on the dirt of Africa."More

Africa's 10 best safari guides
Brian Jackman a columnist for the Telegraph, writes: "How vividly I remember my own first footsteps in the bush, tiptoeing with thumping heart through the 10ft-tall adrenalin grass (so-called because you never know what is around the corner) in search of lion. But I knew I was safe because I was in the company of Norman Carr, the Zambian game warden who reinvented walking safaris 50 years ago."More

28th Annual Bighorn Sheep Banquet and Fundraiser
Idaho Wild Sheep
Idaho WSF has a really exciting auction item listed. This collection is limited and the best part is the proceeds will be divided between supporting wild sheep in Idaho and a local youth shooting sports group to be determined.More

Random drawing for Alaska Dall Sheep hunt
California Chapter of Wild Sheep Foundation
Register to win an Alaska Dall Sheep hunt in 2014. This hunt is a 100 percent donation from Thule Outfitters and will be personally guided by Don Martin a CA WSF Director.More

Fun facts about rams
Live Science
Ram is correct term for the male bighorn sheep. These animals are named for their large, curved horns they use to show dominance. Bighorn sheep are found in North American mountains ranging from Canada to New Mexico.More

Gun background-check database missing vital information
McClatchy Newspapers
Even as lawmakers look for ways to curb gun violence, the federal government and various states haven't sent millions of mental-health and drug abuse records to the database that's designed to keep firearms from people who are barred from owning them, according to recent studies. A host of logistical problems — including concerns about violating privacy, misunderstandings about which records should be submitted and a lack of money and training — has left the National Instant Criminal Background Check System without the information that's necessary to prevent guns from ending up in dangerous hands.More

Hunting in Spain: What are the rules?
Olivia Cannizzo
Our nation has been focused on gun-control issues for months now. Every year a new topic brings controversy into our communities. The U.S. decided its laws on hunting long ago. We didn't want to kill off endangered species, so we made laws to protect those animals. But laws and regulations vary in communities across the globe. In Spain, hunting is a classic pastime. The men love to go out and hunt big game, and they have been hunting for centuries. Spain has the largest variety of game in Europe, so it is an attractive destination to hunters. All throughout Spain, communities offer different hunting trips for locals.More

Colorado high-capacity mag ban might ban almost all mags
Hot Air
Colorado’s now nationally famous “high capacity” magazine ban could end up being much more widespread than anticipated according to lawmakers. During a late night debate in the Colorado Senate on Friday, Senator Kevin Lundberg (D-Berthoud) put forth the thesis that because the proposed ban includes magazines with more than 15 rounds, AND those which are “readily convertible” even those manufactured for smaller numbers are most likely to fall under the ban. Most magazines are designed to be pulled apart and cleaned and are therefore readily converted to a capacity above the proposed law.More