Pet Industry Briefs
Jan. 6, 2015

A 5-step guide to competing with Amazon
Think you can't compete with Amazon? Think again. Competing with Amazon is possible. You may not be able to topple the e-commerce giant, but you can certainly rank for keywords, sell awesome stuff and not get absolutely destroyed by them.More

2014 — It was a very good year
Pet Product News
It's been another exciting year for the pet industry. With a record estimated $58.51 billion in expenditures for 2014, according to the American Pet Products Association, pet owners are pampering their furry friends at unprecedented rates. The following article takes a look back at the past year to identify estimated continued growth trends. More

How to resolve employee conflict
By Adrian Davis
In entrepreneurial companies, employees wear many hats. Consequently, there is frequent communication and everyone feels well-informed. As organizations grow, it becomes necessary to focus the efforts of employees in specific functional areas. While this focus results in greater discipline, an unintended consequence is often a breakdown in communication. Regardless of position, every employee can take important steps to rectify this situation.More

More exhibitors boost CIPS 2014
Pet Business
The organizers of the China International Pet Show, which was held at the China International Exhibition Center in Beijing in November, report that the 18th annual show had a record number of exhibitors. With 946 exhibitors from 20 countries and regions around the world, CIPS 2014 broke the show's previous exhibitor record of 916 in 2013. More

Cricket shortage has customers searching for food
Pet Age
In Honolulu, an islandwide shortage of crickets has pet owners searching for ways to keep their reptiles from starving. Crickets are a main food source for many reptiles and at the moment, the islands' major supplier isn't putting any out on the market. The company that supplies many of our islands pet stores with crickets said it had a problem with breeding and it has to wait until January before it can sell again. Crickets cannot be brought in from the mainland because of the State Agriculture Department's regulations.More

Pets linked to stronger social skills in children with autism
Business 2 Community
Living with pets may increase the social skills of children with autism. A recent study from a researcher the University of Missouri as published in the Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders finds that having pets such as cats, rabbits and other animals as well as dogs in the home may help children with autism improve their social skills. More

NPIC improves consumer website features
Pet Business
NPIC, the maker of N-Bone, Twistix and Get Naked pet treats, has updated its consumer website, The website features updated graphical elements, an improved navigation system, an advanced store finder, an ingredient glossary and a new blog section. The website is intended to be a one-stop shop for all of a customer's pet-related informational needs. More

Sleepypod introduces Replacement Program
Pet Age
Sleepypod introduced the Sleepypod Crash Replacement Program to extend pet safety after an auto accident. Sleepypod will replace or provide a replacement discount on any pet carrier or safety harness damaged in an auto accident, regardless of the brand. More

Staffing continues to be a headache in the grooming industry
Pet Business
For the past year, the economy has continued to be the beast that keeps many a grooming salon owner up at night. But challenges related to staff come in at a close second to the economy as the nightmare most likely to plague business owners, according to the results of the 2014 Grooming Business Pet Groomer Survey. Nearly 40 percent of respondents identified "finding/retaining good employees" as the biggest challenge they face — this was surpassed only by "the economy," which was cited by 44 percent of those surveyed as the greatest challenge. More

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