Pet Industry Briefs
Feb. 2, 2010

Keeping your small business afloat in tough times
Technorati Small Business
Have you heard the news? Economically speaking it's tough out there! But we all knew that. The small business sector suffers just the same as Big Business, so what to do? Stick to the basics and do what you do best.More

Government may ban giant snake imports
Nine species of giant, exotic snakes will face new import and transportation restrictions if regulations under consideration by the Interior Department are enacted. The snakes would be listed as "injurious species" under the Lacey Act, a law first established in 1900 that gives the Interior Department the ability to restrict some aspects of commercial distribution of potentially harmful plants and animals. The new regulations come after the U.S. Geological Survey published an assessment of the risk posed by exotic snakes to native ecosystems.More

'Low-calorie' dog foods not all created equal
Dog Channel
A recent evaluation of calorie density and feeding directions for commercial weight-control dog foods reveals wide variations, which may confuse owners of obese pets, according to the study by the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University in Massachusetts. Pet owners buying weight-loss foods for their pets are faced with a confusing two-fold variation in calorie density and recommended intake, and wide range in the cost of low-calorie foods, according to Dr. Lisa Freeman of the American College of Veterinary Nutrition.More

Haiti veterinary and animal outreach update
The Horse
Lloyd Brown with Wildlife Rescue of Dade County (Fla.) deployed to Haiti as part of the Humane Society International field assessment team. Brown is a long-time responder with various animal disaster groups both nationally and internationally. With his military background and wealth of experience, he brings sanity to the often-complicated politics of animal disaster field rescue and assessment. He was able to work with contacts in Dominican Republic to stage equipment, supplies and a small team in preparation for going into Haiti.More

Massachusetts may allow non-economic damages for pet loss
Veterinary Practice News
Damages for the malicious injury to pets would be allowed under Massachusetts House Bill 1250 -- legislation first introduced in 2009 and set to have been heard Jan. 28. HB 1250, sponsored by Rep. James Arciero, D-Middlesex, adds to current law the option for non-economic damages in lawsuits alleging the malicious injury or killing of a pet. As written, the bill says such damages may include emotional distress and loss of companionship. The bill leaves much discretion, according to the Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council. Although two alternative damages are listed, other non-economic damages are possible, PIJAC said.More

Iowa considers regulating 'pet establishments'
Pet Product News International
Commercial pet establishments in Iowa would have to be authorized by the state department of agriculture and land stewardship under a new bill introduced in the Iowa House of Representatives. House Study Bill 604 was scheduled for a committee hearing Jan. 26. Under the proposed measure, pet shops, boarding kennels and commercial kennels would be required to obtain a state license; commercial breeders, dealer and public auctions would have to obtain a state license or permit; and a pound, animal shelter and research facility would have to obtain a certificate of registration.More

10 rules to feed by
Horse Channel
No matter what type of horse you have, proper nutrition is important for keeping him healthy and happy. The foundation of caring for a horse and keeping him healthy begins with what goes into his body. Nutrition is something every horse owner should take some time to learn about because the digestive tract of a horse is nothing like that of a human.More

How to handle customer abuse, mate!
What to do when a customer tries to bully you into a discount? A reader from Australia says some customers are complaining to excess -- with abusive and vulgar language -- all for the real aim of just getting more than what they are paying for.More