Pet Industry Briefs
March 9, 2010

Connecticut Bill hearing set to restrict pet store dogs
Pet Alert
A bill was introduced in the Connecticut Senate and then promptly set for hearing. This measure targets pet stores specifically and would potentially prohibit the sale of puppies or require pet stores to notify their customers that the dogs originated from "puppy mills."
A hearing has been set for Friday, March 12 in the Joint Environment Committee (Room 2B of the Legislative office Building) at 10:30 a.m.More

Los Angeles County hearings to be held on new pet store regulations
Pet Alert
The County of Los Angeles Department of Animal Care and Control has proposed to amend Title 10 of its Regulations to include a number of significant changes that will affect pet stores, breeding kennels, and other "animal facilities." The proposed changes affect dogs, cats AND all animals "normally kept as pets for sale or exchange in return for consideration."
Tuesday, March 9 - Commerce, CA
Wednesday, March 10 - Palmdale, CA


Dear Valued Friends of Premier
We're excited to announce that after a year of discussions, Premier Pet Products has accepted the offer to become a subsidiary of Radio Systems Corporation, effective March 1. What does this mean for you? From a daily operational perspective, there is no change. Premier will operate as an independent division, and our interactions with you will continue as they always have. But in the long term view, this partnership will provide some exciting new opportunities for our customers and the pet owners and animals we all serve.More

Ten reasons dogs should be eligible for Oscars
ohmidog! offer 10 reasons why dogs should be eligible for the Oscars.More

Pet adoption education program to launch
Cat Channel will launch an educational program March 8 for people considering adopting pets and those who have recently adopted. The goal of the program, called FurKeeps, is to ensure that pet adoptions last a lifetime.More

Tweet, tweet, tweet
Pet Product News
No, that's not an impersonation of my grandmother's canary, but a reference to the ever-growing chirp-o-sphere of Twitter. If you spend any amount of time on the Internet or receive e-mail from other business interests, you know that seemingly everyone wants to you to follow them on Twitter — you probably have a Twitter account yourself. In the world of social media, short bursts of interesting content are the current hot ticket.More