Pet Industry Briefs
Oct. 30, 2012

SuperZoo pet product exhibitor wins Petsmart contract
Pet Product News
A better pooper scooper was what caught the eyes of Petsmart buyers who roamed the aisles at SuperZoo on Sept. 12 in Las Vegas. A 10 minute presentation the next day in a conference room at Mandalay Bay Convention Center was what earned the inventors of PoogoStick a deal with Petsmart to stock the pet waste product at the Phoenix-based retail giant's more than 1,200 stores in 2013.More

How treating your employees like turtles can smother innovation
Fast Company
There are typically two ways companies unintentionally discourage innovation: Preventing employee growth and paying too much attention to the highest paid person in the room. Here's how to promote creativity instead.More

Top 5 business lessons from the presidential debates
American Express OPEN Forum
Both candidates know there are some people they will never swing to their side, so they're focusing on the so-called undecided voters. As important as it is to grow your market, no small business can be all things to all people. Focus on the niche you've got, and work to grow it by targeting prospects who are on the fence. It's always easier to capture consumers with open minds, than those who've made up their minds to do business elsewhere.More

You can't be a great leader without trust; here's how you build it
Among all the attributes of the greatest leaders of our time, one stands above the rest: They are all highly trusted. You can have a compelling vision, rock-solid strategy, excellent communication skills, innovative insight, and a skilled team, but if people don't trust you, you will never get the results you want.More

As you grow, maintain a small-company culture
Happy employees are productive employees. So what makes people happy at work? A new survey, designed by a consulting group led by Zappos' co-founder Tony Hsieh, may have the answers: The survey of some 11,000 employees found the happiest employees work in companies with fewer than 100 employees. In small companies, everyone knows that they make an impact, that they matter.More

Keep your pets safe during Hurricane Sandy
CNN Headline News
While you protect yourself and your family, how do you protect your pets? The good news is that many shelters will allow your pets in, but you will most likely need to provide anything the animal needs, such as food. New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg said shelters have already accepted more than 70 pets.More

California to impose far-reaching pet food labeling requirements
On Nov. 6, 2012, millions of Americans will be focusing on national elections for the President and Congress. However, various state-level initiatives will be on ballots as well, and one such proposal could dramatically impact pet food requirements in California. Proposition 37 is touted as a labeling initiative to provide consumers information about "genetically engineered food."More

Los Angeles may ban retail sale of dogs, cats
Pet Product News
The Los Angeles City Council moved a step closer to banning the retail sale of commercially bred dogs, cats and rabbits when it voted 12-2 in favor of a proposed ordinance. The Los Angeles Times reported that more than 20 pet stores would be affected by the ban, which faces a final vote Oct. 31, 2012. Los Angeles would become the largest U.S. city to enact such a ban, the newspaper added.More

A dog is not a couch: California appeals court rules pets are more than mere property
The outdated legal view of dogs as easily-replaceable "property" — worth no more than you paid for them — is slowly beginning to catch up with the times. The latest indication of a change in judicial thinking came last week when California's Second District Court of Appeals ruled that pets are fundamentally different than other forms of property.More