Pet Industry Briefs
Dec. 9, 2014

Digital dogs: Pets and technology prove to be a good mix
Sioux City Journal
Dogs love receiving the classic candy cane-shaped rawhide or holiday-themed stuffed toys for Christmas, but the latest technology is slowly inching up Fido's (and his owner's) Christmas list. That's why some of the biggest tech companies, like GoPro and Motorola, are making products specifically geared toward pet owners.More

NutriFusion will now formulate for Pets
Pet Age
NutriFusion, a provider of natural nutrition and phytonutrient products for food manufacturers has extended its flagship ingredient, GrandFusion into the pet food sector. Food manufacturers will now be able to infuse their existing brands with NutriFusion's pet-friendly blends that are conducive to a healthy diet rich in vitamins.More

How you can embrace the holy grail of online marketing
Unless you've been sitting in front of a cathode-ray tube TV for the past few years, you've seen how important video has become as a marketing tactic. In fact, paid advertising on YouTube converts more customers than any other online platform, according to AOL Platforms. The number of digital video viewers in the U.S. is expected to increase by more than 22 million between 2013 and 2017, according to eMarketer.More

Most popular dog names for 2014 revealed
We've come a long way since names like Fido, Spot and Rover ruled. In fact, the most popular dog names of 2014 might be just as common on the playground as they are in the dog park., a site dedicated to linking pet owners to veterinarians, analyzed its database to find the most popular puppy names of 2014. The results? Max and Bella reign supreme for the second year in a row.More

New holiday movie shines a light on ferrets
Pet Age
Ferrets have skyrocketed in popularity as pets. Consumers are rushing into pet stores in need of starter kits and other products for this popular little mammal. If customers weren't already excited about these little guys, a new holiday movie, "Santa’s Little Ferrets," will have them scrambling in to buy one as a holiday surprise.More

Why your marketing emails aren't working
American Express OPEN Forum
You just finished writing your latest marketing email and clicked "send." Before congratulating yourself on another to-do checked off your list, consider this: Whether you're a seasoned pro or a newbie at email marketing, chances are, you're likely making one of the following email marketing errors.More

This pet food supplier is still in the hunt for growth
The kennel is getting smaller as pet industry growth is being fueled by consolidation. Privately held pet supplies retailer Petco just announced it was acquiring the Web-based Drs. Foster and Smith, joining rival PetSmart in expanding its e-commerce platform. The pet-care industry is in the midst of a wave of a broad roll-up strategy, often urged on by private equity backing. More

Steps to becoming a dog trainer
Many pet owners do not know how to approach obedience training when they bring new dogs into their households. Early training is key to molding a responsive pet, and pet owners have increasingly turned to dog trainers to help their precious pooches adapt to their new homes. The Humane Society of the United States says no federal or state certification is required for a person to call himself a dog trainer. Finding a qualified professional can be challenging. Those interested in a career in dog training should consider the following.More